Where is the Compassion?


Although writing this article may not have me win any popularity contests, or even get much attention, sometimes the need to write about what’s coming through the heart is so tremendously important, if not so much to influence other’s lives, at least to allow Oneself the outpouring of the soulful expression of the heart. And quite frankly I’m not interested in popularity or any other egotistical competitions.

As we are about to embark on yet another new year and for many of us new journeys along our soul path, let us ring in 2015 with individual self-reflection.


Here is a quote below from Cory Booker of Newark, New Jersey:


Now although I agree with this statement, which can be taken as attacking those in religious institutions that lack the true meaning of their faith and lack compassion, this also rings true for all of us.

I’ve witnessed some of the most Right Wing Conservative Republicans show more compassion to fellow human beings than some who consider themselves the more highly evolved and enlightened spiritual beings. It’s time to stop pointing fingers at who we consider different from ourselves and look in the mirror and ask the hard questions. What makes us better than any other human being on earth? Is it simply because we have the knowledge of our own faith and know how to become a more evolved and spiritually enlightened individual? Is it because we work night and day to help solve all of the global problems of today? Do we think that just because we have all the spiritual knowledge, or do our daily meditation and inner work, and just because maybe we’ve learned how to truly love our own selves that we are better than someone, regardless of how we act and or treat our fellow brothers and sisters? I say nonsense!

It’s time to wake up and start acting and showing that we truly love and care about all of humanity by showing real compassion. And not simply compassion to those who are part of our cause here at New Earth Nation, not just others that may be further advanced and evolved spiritually, or those that are in our “tribe”, but compassion to all men and women. The “Evolution of Consciousness” which we call the new “Revolution” is about Oneness and Unity. We must learn to love and accept those we call “the bad guys” or “The Cabal”, or the wealthy elite and shower them with love and compassion. For many even believe they have come to serve their purpose according to their soul contract. And unless you’ve walked in another person’s shoes, you have absolutely no right to pass judgment.


We may not agree and accept their behavior on how they treat others, but if you truly believe we are all One and that is the direction of humanity, we must learn to love and accept everyone. Or this Revolution (which is the Evolution of Consciousness) will never come to fruition. If we sit back and point fingers at the Republican Conservatives, the Liberal Democrats, or the bad police officers, or Illegal Immigrants, or the Religious Fanatics, or “The Sheep”, or do any other type of labeling we are simply promoting what is a form of separation. And in the manifestation of New Earth Nation and in the evolution of mankind itself, these ideals have no place. Division, separation, and competition have no place for those truly seeking to be pure at heart, and living as an expression of pure love and pure truth. For the purest expression of love is in actuality who and what we really are.

I strongly resonate with the teachings of Christianity and one in particular that Jesus preached, which is “treat others how you want to be treated” and “love thy neighbor as thy self”. This is most important lesson we can learn and live by if we are to move forward and consciously evolve as a species and grow into Unity and Oneness.

I am by no means perfect, but I’ve reached out to help those in need throughout my life and have expected absolutely nothing in return. I’ve assisted friends who I would call extremely knowledgeable in faith and would even consider “enlightened” or more spiritually evolved. I’ve been disheartened with the behavior of not only how I was then treated, but how they had treated others who were also sacrificing much time and effort to help. Although we do not expect anything in return upon helping our fellow brothers and sisters, sometimes what is to be expected is simple gratitude and to be treated with kindness, dignity, and decency.

With that being said, if we want to truly change the world and evolve consciously, it doesn’t matter how much spiritual knowledge you have, or how strong your faith is, or that you are working diligently night and day to help solve all of the global problems around the world. All that matters is if you are compassionate to your fellow human beings. Not just family, friends, and those among your “tribe”. But to the whole of humanity. So it’s time to look in the mirror and ask this simply question.


Where is my Compassion?



Peace be with you