Consciousness is Contagious

Written by Billy O’Brien

Our lives are dictated by a series of moments – some are more positive than others, but we truly manifest these experiences by the choices we make. We are what we attract, whether you want to believe it or not. As we’ve come to learn, the “secret” is taking the negative experiences and transforming them into lessons that allow us to understand a greater wisdom. Yet, we forget that the vibration we put out into the world can either attract, or repel others from our “sphere”.

Many choose to start the day without grounding their minds and hearts. When we decide to not adhere to this “tuning”, we encounter our surroundings in an armor that guards our insecurities. Our worries shield us from understanding what’s happening outside of ourselves, and we lose the ability of being present. We think people are judging us, whereas, we are only judging ourselves, and looking to project that onto others. We all have our own fears, worries and insecurities – which are the negative traits of our psyche that forbid us from pursuing our dreams, and making them a reality. These are the same traits that have been used against us as a means of controlling the individual, as a way of controlling our society. We forget that we come from LOVE, and that we are love.

We should be taking the negative aspects of our lives, and transforming them into positive energy. If we replace fear with love, worry with joy, and insecurity with confidence, we can begin to manifest a more positive return from the world around us. When we choose to give into these low level “vibes”, we project the negative aspects of our personality and let others judge us, as we are quietly judging them.

Think about the last time you were in a social or public atmosphere…were you being kind, present and joyful, or quietly guarding yourself? Were you staring at other people, with an inner dialogue that was riddled with judgment and negative observations? Or, were you looking at no one, and ignoring the world around you, in fear that someone would find a weakness or vulnerability, and expose it? Unfortunately, we tend to gravitate to these negative aspects, thinking that it would repel any negative action or guard us from something we are imagining. Instead of projecting a positive vibe, we latch onto something lower than ourselves.

Take a look at this video below, taken on a NYC Subway, where usually people ignore each other, as a way of providing personal space for each other. People come and go, and are quick to ignore their environment. Yet, regardless of the nature of the people and their environment, something special happens in this rare moment caught on camera…a simple vibration of laughter catches on, and eventually finds its way to everyone. People have no idea what is so funny, and yet they can’t control their laughter. It spreads throughout the subway car, and for 3 minutes, it just keeps spreading.

Now think for a moment…when you go out into the world, are you spreading positivity, or negativity? If everything is tone, vibration, and intention… what’s your vibe? Your thoughts can either open up a world of opportunity, or shut it out. Those thoughts find their way in our demeanor, and can be read through our speech, word choice and action. If we all laughed more, and loved a little more, I believe we could transform the world around us…just as this woman did in a subway, where most people are surrounded by their misery, her laughter was contagious enough to spread joy.

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