Detachment & Open-Minded Expansion


I’m at a new and interesting place in my growth where I want to expand far more than I’ve been able to so far, while at the same time, I accept that everything is alright as it is. I recognize the importance of finding and remaining in a clam, centered space that doesn’t require any striving, but at the same time, I want to widen my horizons and burst out in all directions.

These two feelings, which are seemingly at odds, have motivated me to live for spirit more than ever before, and even though there have been a lot of ups and downs, the process is generally coming along smoothly. The biggest difficulty, I find, is in refraining from letting negativity subtly yet surely chip away at my positive perspective.

I’m realizing the importance of viewing everything I go through from a detached perspective, and I’m also experiencing an insatiable craving for expansion that’s driving me to strive harder. I want to help the rest of humanity re-find a healthy, vibrant state of consciousness, and I want to find this elevated consciousness myself in the process.

I want to see and feel everything spirit has for me/us and continuously offer myself as a conduit for its expression, for in doing so, I’ll strengthen my greater connections and, hopefully, help others do the same. I want to enjoy every moment of this everlasting now, and I want to replace the tendency to set expectations with the ability to flow with everything I experience.

Everything is ultimately necessary for our growth and development, and I’m starting to see the importance of keeping an open mind and heart when it could be easy to live rigidly in the mind and refuse to open up to new ideas or circumstances.

I think it’s important to see that our higher selves – the greater aspects of our consciousness who help us plan the things we experience every day – play a big role in coordinating our lives. If we mentally attach ourselves to anything we experience, we’ll be unhappy in the long run because we’ll inhibit the flow our higher selves fashion for us.

I can say from experience that once we fall, it can be difficult to re-find and remain in a centered, loving space.

It becomes much easier to surrender to the flow of life experience when we see that everything we’re going through is being coordinated on a higher level, and personally, this has helped me release my attachment and go with the flow, understanding that everything I and we experience has been planned.

We have more of a say in the things we experience than we realize, and if we could only see how much ‘control’ we have over the things that happen to us, surrendering to the flow would be even easier and more enjoyable.

When we can learn to surrender the ego-driven rigidity that keeps us from expanding and opening up to new ideas and revelations, the unhappiness that’s caused by the mind’s judgments and expectations will fade away, to be replaced with pure, unbridled, everlasting joy.

I’ll admit that I’ve had trouble finding and remaining in a constant, loving space, and half of the battle really is moving beyond the ego and its tendencies, which have stopped me from living the free, liberated life I want to live. It’s important to realize that we’re already liberated; that we don’t need to strive to achieve anything.

As strange as it might seem, we can actually hold ourselves back by striving too hard.

We expand our consciousness and our ability to create positive change when we surrender to our innate freedom, but if we endlessly strive to find something that’s instantaneously accessible, we’ll wonder why we can’t seem to find what we’re looking for.

The expansion we seek doesn’t come from striving to expand; it comes from surrendering the perceived need to expand and going with the flow, refusing to put up mental barriers where we could otherwise open up to new experiences; new understandings that we’ll be very glad we accessed.

It can be difficult to surrender when we crave so much expansion, but this is exactly what we’re meant to do. We’re obviously meant to act on our drive to expand, but not in the traditional, striving-based way some seekers would expect.

If we really want to go within and use the resulting inspiration and energy to change the planet, we’ll have to be willing to explore what we’re capable of and use the natural flow we’re perceiving to expand our work and our perception of our capabilities.

Believing we’re capable of the expansion we seek is as necessary as anything else, and it’s important if we want to open our minds to the flow of information and energy we’re receiving in purer and purer measures.

As long as we’re open and receptive, the things we do to act on our drive to expand will flow, naturally and easily. Likewise, when we stay rooted in the ego, we hinder our perception of our divine abilities (and of the higher realms in general) and many of us will feel blocked up; as if we can’t make the flowing connections we’ve started to make.

The most difficult part will be in remaining open once we’ve made our first signs of progress, and I’ve only just penetrated the barrier that blocks the unconditional, centered joy we gain from living with an open mind. I still have a lot to learn, and I see that the only way I can learn it is by directly experiencing the lessons that are meant for me.

It’ll feel great to completely surrender to the divine, and while I’m definitely not there yet, I think I’ve been able to make a lot of potent progress so far. We can only move forward from here as long as we seek to live in love, but if we let the woes of the striving mind and ego bring us down, we’ll find that the resulting gloominess is very hard to climb out of.

We’re perfectly capable of climbing out of it, though, and once we do, it’ll be essential that we remain so open that we never return to such a low place again. It’s our mission as conscious seekers to lighten up, enjoy our lives, and flow with everything we experience, and the sooner we can do this, the sooner we can act on our growing drive to expand.

Wes Annac – Ready for love to transform my perception and that of the planet around me.

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