Detox Dialogue from the Tub

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You have probably heard about detox baths.  They are now so popular you might have heard the term even if you aren’t one of the people mentioned above.  Google detox bath and you’ll come up with thousands of benefits and mixture recipes to create!   My focus as a coach and spiritual speaker is to facilitate women to remember their authority, reclaim their connection and love for their bodies, and embrace their sensuality in their day to day lives.

Today I’m giving you a FREE recipe mixture I created for a detox bath and my a-has that awoken in me while detoxing.  These a-has cover the topics of love, a few examples of taking authorship in your life, and what can potentially unfold when you connect to the deep wisdom your body is trying to share with you!

In my personal and professional environment the topic of romantic love and personal happiness has been a reoccurring theme.  While detoxing I received answers to questions and doubts that were showing up in my world and my friends world.  For me, detox provided instant miracles in a bath, water required.  Using this as a way to tune in, I experienced a major upgrade to my perception, consciousness, and experience of life, facilitated for me by me.

When I first tuned into my body a question arose and I asked who am I detoxing for? Is this action done for my students and my clients? Is this for my business and to increase being perceived as being an expert/guru? Is this for my body because I know I ‘need to’ or ‘should be’ taking care of it? Is this for my pain and to fix it now? After asking I became still again to notice what my intuition tells me and my answer was no, this is for ME.

From this space of awareness aligned statements sprouted from my heart with ease and flow like a river:
I detox for me and I lay in my emotional and physical warmth that surrounds me now.

I feel my heart, close my eyes, and I make relaxing in silent stillness okay.

When I stay in my feelings for me, I am happy in my relationships and I am secure in my feelings.


Online and in the social media world you often see people say take care of yourself first. Lots of pictures and empowering quotes can be found all over about this. I now understood this not only from a mental perspective but now with a deep emotional and physical experience.

From this space of awareness, another a-ha trickled into my consciousness. This time a message from my Tantra Yoga teacher which he shared during teacher training:
“Fall in love with a person deeply, come back to yourself fully, part ways from them with a Namaste, and move gracefully to the next person in the circle.”

After experiencing love and reverence for myself on a deeper level my next a-ha miracle came to me.  This time in the form of authoring my life. My simple message was don’t prepare for failure, prepare for success. If I have a doubt or intuition that one option will not work, create another one to take action from. In my professional career I recollected how I would frequently tell myself last year once I have ___ I will be successful. Once I’m successful enough, then I can fully be happy in my career. If I can hold on this week, then I’ll be able to only do work that makes my heart sing. I was emotionally and mentally pulled away from my daily tasks and goals to accomplish at work, and while I was able to fulfill them my energy and complete action was not there.  This for me is a space of preparing for failure, moving from half assed accomplishing goals to somehow believing this will propel full intent work in the future.

My new choice that my body and internal knowledge that I remembered was:

Preparing for success and authoring MY life is giving my 125% action and intent at work tasks I previously did not desire to do while birthing, being curious, and doing for the tasks I desire to do more often for Me. I prepare for career success by starting from success period.

My experience of receiving further insight and full understanding of love, authorship, and the deep wisdom of my body was this. When I combine being okay with my stillness and creating and internalizing my aligning statements I receive deep awareness and of my body.  I become a witness to the messages that naturally arise from my body, which for example also included a sensation of my pineal gland firing/pulsating with information. I converse in a deep Tantric state with my body and experience a deeper feeling on a brand new richer way.

Most importantly, when I do for me, I allow myself to feel my power. I feel my power and my joy returns.

My wish is that you were able to connect and receive some sort of insight or feelings of solidarity with my writing. Want to try this out yourself? Follow my recipe for your own luscious and heart opening detox bath.  I suggest you keep a journal/piece of paper/your IPad near your tub so when your insights come, you can record them for further inspection.

Jessica Crystal Joy’s Detox Potion
5 drops Grapefruit Essential Oil
5 drops Lavender Essential Oil
1 cup Epsom salt
1/2 cup or less Himalayan pink salt
1 TBL Apple Cider Vinegar
Ginger grounded spice to preference
Baking soda to preference

And a whole lot of a-hasssssssssssssssssssssss





Jessica Crystal Joy is a feminine empowerment educator that has been studying spiritual and metaphysical work since 2001. She provides articles, workshops, and presentations geared towards women being confident in speaking their desires and requirements in their life to their community using their intuition and deep connection with their bodies. She is known for quickly creating an environment of safety and expansion to go beyond a person’s past limited belief systems while explicitly and providing practical ways to be and live from a deeper empowered state of being in her clients day to day lives. She has a B.A. in Psychology and is a Certified Tantra Educator, Certified Angel Intuitive Guide, a member of the Holistic Living Network, Yogi, creative writer for New Earth Media, blogger and social media/website maintainer, meditation teacher, professional speaker, essential oils expert, Mastery Systems student, healer, vegan, light language student, and a proud adopted dog parent.


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