Does September 28th’s Blood Moon Really Signal ‘End Times’?


Written by Jennifer Sodini

September 28th ushers in the fourth lunar eclipse we’ve experienced in a 17 month time span. This cosmic event will also be the biggest full moon of 2015, and while opinions on whether or not there are any metaphysical implications to this particular moon vary, there are some that believe this is a sign from the sky that is to bring about “end times“.

According to the Daily Express, a non-denominational pastor from San Antonio named John Hagee says the upcoming lunar eclipse means “the end of this age is coming” (see: On the opposite side of the spectrum, Orthodox Jews and teachers also believe this “Blood Moon tetrad” signals the future of Israel. Bob O’Dell, founder of Root Source, an educational program in which Orthodox Israelis teach Christians about the Bible and Judaism, states:

“We are not at all predicting the end of the world or the arrival of the Messiah in September,” O’Dell told Breaking Israel News. “If you look at all the blood moons that have occurred in history, you see that every time they arrive, they mark turning points in history – major new trends involving the Jewish people.”

While we don’t resonate with either of these opinions, at times like this it is important to question what an “end” would actually mean anyway. Many believed the Mayan calendar “end” date of 2012 to be the “apocalypse”, but the day came and went without any “fire and brimstone”. However, what did seem to happen from that point in time, to now, was an end of a paradigm of thinking – and a beginning of a new pattern of thought. 2012 ushered in the time to wake up, 2013 was the time to understand what being “awake” actually meant, 2014 was the time to choose how you will act moving forward with this knowledge and 2015 may have been the integration.

Perhaps “prophecy” becomes a self-fulfilling creator of a thinking pattern – and in order to create a different pattern, we must become more aware of ourselves in relation to our realities here on Earth, and the energies of the cosmos.

It is our feeling that this “time” may be yet another end, but the “end” is subjective to who is experiencing what. Maybe this is the end of a cycle, in order to start something new? Maybe this is the end of a time of consumption based thinking, into more creative expressions? Maybe this is the end of a time of fear, into a time of love? An “end” is only a new beginning, and new beginnings only come after an end.

Whether or not this moon means anything at all, what is important beyond what’s happening in the heavens, is what you’re creating, period. You’ve been put here to create and be creative, and each passing day is time that you will never get back. Make time work for you, not against you – and express yourself however resonates best for you. Dance, draw, sing, dream, create…the only limitation is how far you can stretch your imagination – and there is absolutely nothing to fear, other than the feeling of fear.

To learn more about the Blood Moon Tetrad, click here.

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