Ecocide threatens Indigenous Way of Life in the Ecuadorian Amazon

by Carlita Shaw, Conservation and Ecology Faculty

A window into the Shiwar way of surviving in the Rainforest.  A short film by our volunteers and colleagues-Samuel Remerand, a French Professor and his son Elvin working with the Shiwiar on a Biodiversity Project with us on an expedition in August 2012, before president Correa opened auctioned off the Amazon for Oil drilling. Evolve to Ecology projects work with the Shiwiar people and other tribes to help preserve their way of life and record their knowledge of Rainforest Plants, you will see a glimpse of what volunteer accommodation is like at 11.30 mins into the documentary, this is for people whom want to participate in our volunteer projects, you will get a chance to learn about rainforest medicinal herbs and jungle survival.

While the Ecuadorian President is allowing exploitation of the Ecuadorian Amazon, it is crucial more than ever that we protect the Rainforest and the Indigenous people from the harm and devastation caused by large-scale oil drilling which is happening now, this month in June 2014 Petroamazonia has spilled 600, 000 barrels of crude oil in Yasuni that has contaminated several primary rivers that are the lifesource of four indigenous tribes. We need your help and support. Please go to Evolve to Ecology to get involved with our projects. To read more about the current unfolding Ecocide in Ecuador click here.