What The Elite Are Really Afraid Of (And The Social Network That Will Change The World)


Written by Elina St-Onge

We know society is messed up. We know the world needs to change. We watch documentaries about it, we post about it on Facebook, we talk about how humanity needs to “wake up”… but we also got bills to pay. We still need to survive. So for many of us, most of our creative energy is spent slaving at an unfulfilling job, while the little bit of energy we have left is spent getting louder and angrier about the world’s problems… usually behind computer screens.

There is no denying that awareness is important. Without the awareness of a problem, there is little incentive to change. But… when are we going to get to the “change” part?

This is precisely what the “powers that be” are deathly afraid of. Change. REAL change; not the “word” change, not “change” as this trendy topic of conversation… But ACTUAL FORWARD MOVEMENT. We can keep talking about their dark political agendas for all they care. As long as we remain divided in our corners, endlessly conceptualizing about what’s going on in the world and who is to blame… while NEVER actually stepping into our OWN creative power. Our own potential. Our own purpose.

We are awake. We are conscious. Now what?

It’s time to get “out of our heads” and back into our lives. It’s time to stop looking at “them” and start looking at each other. THAT’S where our real power is. It is you, me and everyone of us who make what society is today.

Where is our focus? How do we spend our creative energy? Are we nurturing our passions? Are we using our best talents for causes we believe in? Are we helping one another bring to life the ideas that will transform the world?

We start asking ourselves those questions… and the “big scary Elite” will start wetting their pants. Because that was their ONLY power; directing our attention, our energy and our focus away from our own. And the moment we start cutting off distractions and act on this infinite potential of ours… It’s game over for them.

Because the revolution we’ve all been waiting for will come when we finally use our own lives as weapons of mass creation.

How Do We Start?

Up until now, we didn’t have a concrete solution to join forces and create change. Now, we do!

With WeCO, we will be able to use the power of the internet to effectively connect our skills, talents and visions together for causes that matter. Not to mention solve the sense of isolation that many of us “misfits” experience through our journey! 

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Originally posted @ We Are Change


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