Empathy vs. Sympathy


Written by Billy O’Brien

As we journey through our growth as individuals, we sometimes lose the meaning behind certain aspects of ourselves. We easily confuse words that have very distinct meanings, which allow us to miss the point we were intending to make. When we start to lose the understanding of certain words, we start to lose the character attribute in ourselves. We forget the power of definition, and its ability to apply the definition to ourselves and our growing perspective.  There is value in the word, as we embody the understanding of a feeling into thought, and then through action. It’s what gives us an individual definition of our being, and purpose on Earth, in service to all things. Reconnecting toward understanding is integral in building ourselves through principles that will elevate us toward a higher perspective.

Empathy vs. Sympathy…

It’s easy to forget the power of empathy, but it is such a great way for us to connect with others through understanding an experience, submitting ourselves to the moment, by feeling what others are experiencing, and offering perspective. It brings us closer together, and allows those who are feeling alone to believe they are in good company. It’s the transformation of our being, as we sacrifice the moment to true understanding and connection. We must never forget that we all go through the same cycles, and can find an experience to relate...if given the opportunity.

Whereas, sympathy, offers condolences, but almost alleviates the responsibility or transmutation of individual homeostasis. It’s egocentric and can almost be viewed as selfish, because of the inability to give ourselves to someone else who may be in need. It offers compassion, yet prevents feeling what others are feeling. It protects you, yet offers no real understanding of what someone is experiencing emotionally.

If there was ever a time for us to usher in transformation of the human condition, we need to trade sympathy for empathy. Since even the “Devil” inside needs to be understood, not avoided or suppressed.

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