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Written by Damon OC

You’re not the boss of me.

Are we really so enlightened that we gave up the il-lusion of ‘divine right to rule’ hundreds of years ago, yet we somehow believe in inherent obligation? Are they not the same concepts?

When your perception is a deception your reality will be hell. Real eyes, realize, real lies.

As a maxim, ‘a matter must be expressed to be resolved’

Trust Law, very much the foundation of Govern-ment and it’s Authority, relies on TRUST.

As a necessity for a TRUST relationship, honesty and full expression must be present.

Without honesty and full expression, mutual understanding is missing.

With differing understanding comes differing agreement, hence lack of mutual consent.

Any suppression of knowledge or lack of transpar-ency is the intentional creation of ignorance and will produce a difference in understanding.

The misrepresentation of any color of law (statue, code, ordinance, bylaw, legislation) as an inherent obligation (without need of consent) is deceit, once again producing a difference of understanding.

The right to free will choice, hence the option to agree or not, to consent or not consent, and the right to separate one self from Government is self evident.

The concept of consent is reflected in the first para- graph of the Declaration of Independence, and is an essential element of the Governments that exist today – “When in the Course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another … decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.”


As a maxim, ‘All are equal under the law’

If ALL are equal, there can be no inherent hierar- chy, and Authority can only exist by consent.

This might explain why the word ‘anarchy’, meaning without hierarchy, has been so obfuscated.

The concept of ‘equality’ is reflected in the 2nd paragraph of the Declaration of Independence
and is an essential element of the Governments that exist today – “We hold these truths to be self- evident, that allmen are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness“

The concept of consent is again reflected in the Declaration of Independence and is an essential element of the Governments that exist today – “… That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed”

Consent, Equality, and Free Will, are echoed over and over and are a fundamental necessity in all Authority, including Governments.

As evidence of the concept of consent and the right to separate from Government, nearly every Government on the planet that existed 300 years ago has since been dissolved.

The people do not yield their sovereignty to those who serve them, hence ‘Governed’ by consent. Consent, Agreement, and Understanding, all come from full disclosure, with no party a causal factor of ignorance, no party obfuscating the truth, and no party misrepresenting as an obligation.

If any element in the previous sentence is not true, fraud exists.

If party A has an understanding that is significantly different than the understanding of party B, there is no mutual understanding and therefore agreement/ consent is not achieved.

Even when explicit consent has occurred, one is not ‘Governed’ by another who is being fraudulent.

As a maxim, ‘equity does not aid a volunteer’

Do Governments presume you to be a volunteer because you carry a drivers license, were assigned a social security number, or received a birth certifi-cate?

Did your mom know that filling out an application for a birth certificate for her child would obligate you to the extraction of 50% of your energy and subject you to a bazillion rules? Maybe what your mom consented to, was not mutually understood, and therefore consent was not achieved. Drivers License? Marriage License? Social Security?

Duty of Allegiance in return for a Duty of Protection? If the courts have ruled over and over again that Police do not have a duty of protection, and that Governors, Mayors, etc. etc. are under no obligation to serve the people, do you have a duty of allegiance to a Government?

Can there be a Trust relationship if there is no consideration? What other possible consideration is there for Government other than duty to serve or protect? Any?

Even the clearest form of consent, explicit consent, to another who is being fraudulent, is lack of consent and also evidence that the fraudulent party is guilty of ‘breach of trust’.

Government requires consent, Authority needs permission, and registration is a necessity for Control.

Equality need not register, Freedom need not license and Consent need not a permit.


As a maxim, ‘the execution of law does no injury’

Any Law that causes injury is not Law, therefore any determination by an Administrator of Law who is in ‘Breach of Trust’ causes unlawful injury.
To use false ‘trust’ as a foundation for LAW (color of law), with knowledge of fraud, yet to continue with a proceeding against another, or to fine or imprison, causes injury.

If Government does not have consent, it is not Government and does not have Authority.

If Government does not have consent, yet attempts to compel, ‘Breach of Trust’ or worse is committed.

If Government or the Justice system proceeds without consent, then what else is Government but a Mafia, a Gang, a Cartel, a band of Outlaws, Thugs and Mobsters, certainly not ‘Government’?

To fine, imprison, or even to simply extract time (energy), while having knowledge of this breach of trust, is a form of violence, a harvesting of energy, and when perpetrated on a massive scale is Pillaging and Plundering, aka War Crime.

When Government is in breach of trust, they are not arresting or imprisoning, instead they are kidnapping and holding hostage.

If Government or the Justice system proceeds with- out consent, then what else is Government but a Mafia, a Gang, a Cartel, a band of Outlaws, Thugs and Mobsters who are committing War Crimes.

Government cannot exist without people, hence people are prior to Government, and Government derives it’s Authority from the consent of the people.

One cannot be arbitrarily subject to another while simultaneously being free and equal.

A true protector, say a Policeman, requires an ab-sence of the belief of ‘arbitrary obligation’.

One cannot protect free will while simultaneously imposing on free will.

There is no exemption for an Agent of ‘Non- Government’ who uses violence or threats against another.

As a maxim, ‘as it is done, so it is undone’

This maxim is reflected in the first paragraph of the Declaration of Independence, and is essential in Governments that exist today – “decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separa-tion.”

While this breach of trust, this non-consent, this lack of equity, should be self evident to any administrator of Justice, a simple ‘Notice of Non- Consent’ and/or a ‘Notice of Revocation of all Prior Consent’ is enough to abundantly clarify the non- consent and the choice for separation.

When the number of words in color of law, is in the millions, one can safely say the first and foremost interest of the Government is not ‘life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness’.

Although a breach of trust may seem like a relatively insignificant infraction, when perpetrated on a vast population, the crime of ‘breach of trust’ serves to enslave people on a massive scale and is therefore of the highest crimes in humanity today.

One who is an agent of Government, who is in ‘Breach of Trust’, or who is being ‘Fraudulent’ does not enjoy limited liability that an agent of Government might otherwise be afforded.

Even if an administrator of justice has disguised his/her breach of trust from the eyes of the Bailiff, Sheriffs, Corporate Policy Officers, and other General population and people, this false administrator of justice cannot hide from oneself.

With the recent explosion of awareness taking place, administrators of justice and agents of Government are no longer guaranteed immunity from these crimes.

Imagine 3rd Reich and the punishments given to hundreds of Agents of Government and Administrators of Justice at the Nuremberg trials, but on a global scale.


As a maxim, ‘wrong is wiped out by reconcili-ation’ and ‘whoever pays by mistake what he does not owe, may recover it back’

Fraud extinguishes all forms of contract including equity, hence all debt, even mortgage.

Would this maxim include energy you mistakenly paid to a taxing agency who was being fraudulent?

‘Clean Hands’ doctrine: No one can make a determination on a matter in which they have a vested interest.

Clean Hands Example: If an Administrator of Justice is paid by a taxing agency, either directly or indirectly, it must never make a determination where the taxing agency is a party.

Any agent of Government who is exercising any authority whatsoever should have readily available at all times, evidence (non-fraudulent) of the obligation they are enforcing.

Both the elements, violation and applicability of a rule, are needed in a Valid Cause of Action.

Flashing a shiny gold badge or wearing a nice black robe does not prove Authority.

Enforcing obligations where no valid proof exists, proves a lack of obligation and causes injury.

Enforcing obligations where no valid evidence exists, after being challenged, proves fraud by the one attempting to compel.

Only with well detailed and fully transparent infor-mation of obligation, can we know and understand the nature of the cause of action against us.

Any agent, after being questioned, who evades, deceives, or uses force against, is at that moment no longer an agent of Government, therefore not afforded limited liability, and hence fully liable.

As a maxim, ‘an act done against ones will is not their act’

Drivers License, Passport, Tax forms, Building Permits: Do ALL people who fill out, apply for, and acquire them, happily do so, or do many do so as a form of protection from being harassed or worse by Agents of Government?

The people are inherently Equal. The people are inherently decentralized (no central authority). The people are inherently without hierarchy (anarchy without zombies). The people enjoy anonymity. The people have Free Will. Creations, such as Govern-ment cannot be above the creator. The people cannot lawfully be forced to consent against their will.


Government an Illusion?

As an experiment, try and ‘touch’ government. You can’t do it, can you?

You can touch a building that has a sign on it saying Government and you can touch a person who we refer to as an Agent of Government, but Govern-ment only exists as a concept, as a thought, mere ideas within the imagination.

Why would one get angry or argue over something that does not exist and that which they can choose to consent and/or contract with?

Isn’t the mere fact that so many billions of people can get so worked up over the role of Government, evidence of the grand deception of obligation?

I ask again. Are we really so enlightened that we gave up the illusion of ‘divine right to rule’ hun-dreds of years ago, yet we somehow believe in inherent obligation?

Government is intrinsically nothing, a real human being has to animate (be an agent for) Government, and a real human being is caused real injury. A human is causing injury to another human because of a human mind infection, a belief in that which does not exist, as having some sort of magical power.

Manifestation and the role of ‘to serve and protect’

Does a child need to DO anything while it sits in mothers womb? Or, is everything the child needs provided for? Does Mom need to explicitly direct and control the human biology to provide for the child? Does mom consciously fire the correct electrical signals and create the correct chemicals?

If we stopped trying to Engineer Earth, stopped trying to Re-Design Nature, and ended attempt- ing to control every thing in every moment of our earthly existence, would the Universe, as Designed by the Grand Creator, provide everything needed?

Analyze your thoughts. Can you stop your thoughts? OR.. You can set aside your thoughts, but can you actually stop the thoughts from arising? Can you stop the thought from having effect over you?

Start off for a short duration, every moment that you can, stop trying to control everything, stop managing your every move and your every moment of time, even if just for a few minutes. Let GO and allow GOD. Don’t take away the service that GOD wants to provide for you. Allow GOD to take care of you. Allow the Sun and Earth to warm you. Allow the Laws of the Universe to support you.

Try to imagine the following. I’m not saying accept it as absolute truth, just allow it to wash over you. Imagine your just along for a ride. You don’t control your breathing, nor decide what your thoughts are. You don’t decide when the body sleeps or when the eyes open and close. You don’t directly manage a single element for your entire earthly life. Imagine you are in a 3D holographic movie, with incredible realism. You decide which experiences and thoughts arise before you NOT by managing or controlling anything. Instead, you Manifest the life your Presence Radiates. Radiate pure LOVE and JOY then the world changes to serve you a life full of Love and Joy. Radiate FEAR and the world gives you reasons to be afraid of it.


Manifestation of, ‘Government’, a reflection of FEAR.

Dear Administrators of Justice, Corporate Policy Officers, and other Agents of Government. You do not enjoy rights that other people do not have. To blindly follow orders is an infection of the Mind. The cure is to use your own built-in sense of morality. I acknowledge that you are in a tough position, and that to stand up for the people, and against the destructive nature of your masters, when the rest of your peers are still hopelessly enslaved, is an extremely difficult task. You may have joined Law Enforcement to protect, but somewhere along the lines you failed to protect yourself from your bosses and allowed them to infect you.

Not to judge, as no one is probably completely immune. You do NOT have the right to trick or trap us into Jurisdiction or to expect us to reveal every detail of our private lives while the Government maintains secrecy. If you hired a secu-rity guard, an accountant, a cook, and a handyman, would you reveal every element of your privacy or would you expect that in whatever service they are providing to you, they should be ones with trans-parency? Is this not backwards from most current Governments? If you are unable or unwilling to protect the people from the encroaching predator culture that is Government, then you must dissolve yourself from a position within Government. It is paramount, for the people, for your community, for your friends, for your family and even for YOU, that you end your denial of the truth. Your masters have no ‘teeth’ without you and your peers.

Without you, Government is at most a barking chihuahua.

Originally posted @ The Sovereign Voice



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