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In the old Andalusian tradition there is a term ‘duende’.

It was popularized by the Spanish revolutionary poet Garcia Lorca not long before he was blindfolded against a wall and took a bullet in the heart, by men in costume just doing their job. It is a word with almost indecipherable meaning, for it describes the ineffable madness of an artist, a people, a time, a space….when no-thing makes sense any longer. Where the diabolic and the ecstatic face one another….unmoving…..unflinching.

In mid September 2015 we are living through just such a time. Lorca would have felt alive.

The stand-off could not be more contrasted….more awful and more geometrically precise, as our world takes a final indrawn breath, before social, economic, ecological and psycho-spiritual chaos is loosed upon it.

The Shemitah seven year cycle which has a spooky tendency to augur crashes, crises and calamities, falls upon us at this time, coinciding with a disturbing host of confluencing events and circumstances – which, experience teaches us, would behoove us to prepare for a perfect storm. These events and circumstances have, in the main, been ritualistically engineered by clever minds wielding dark-hearts over long spans of time, with terrible consequence intended for people and planet.

That is not to say any of this Saturnian nonsense will pan out.

For it so happens that a gamma photonic wave of proportionate majesty is also headed directly at people and planet at this time, inviting an antithetical outcome to any Armageddon time-line being dreamt up by enemies of Man. This ‘wave X’ phenomenon is the great deliverer of vibral light….of ‘grace’ in our time, intended as both redeemer and destroyer. If ever we toyed with the conundrum of free-will versus destiny, this event-horizon provides us with the perfect Zen koan.

The manner and measure of how we weigh and then embody ‘pure-truth’ in a perfect moment of time (which is always this precise moment) is where the only bypass exists to that conundrum. For free-will and destiny conjoin in that zero-point to become the transcendent principle elevating us beyond ‘time’ and empowering us to direct any pattern of perfection into manifestation. Thus to become creator in this hallowed quanta. It is the fulmination of Divine provenance, and only kicks-in where we earn the capacity to invoke the necessary permissions to conduct the symphony. Such a fearsome alchemy is best tempered in an incalculably hot kitchen, and thus we find ourselves as a species, at terminal velocity in our appetites, our ideas, our senses – and our intentions, as we enter the rubicon.

Truth is, we can easily flip this Babylonian omelette with equanimity and poise, provided we do not buy-in to the helter-skelter being served up to us over coming weeks and months. In other words: where do you and I place our attention at this time – within this rubicon? For it is this point of focus which will define whether the paradigmatic wave crushes our civilizational bones or lifts us upon the greatest surf-ride a species could ever imagine.

Always sensible to start with the bitter medicine: in simple terms, our holonomic reality can realistically be defined as a culture underpinned by generational satanism, ritual sacrifice, blood-economics and arch deception perpetrated by approximately 1 out of 10 people against an unwitting 9 out of 10. That is if any reasonable statistical analysis of contemporary satanism holds true. Couple this to an overwhelming capacity for inaction, apathy and fear reflexivity by the bumbling 90 percent, and we have the salt and pepper of this particular soup. Just because this reductive outline of the status quo may offend our sensibilities, has no bearing on whether or not it is true. The analytics and evidences abound from thousands of researchers, eye-witness and survivor testimonies,. This rich pathology of generational evil has been out there for generations, and fully case-filed and catalogued by police officers, hospital staffers, State department officials, judicial clerks and investigative journalists.

So what.

The ancient mysteries element is advanced by a far smaller percentile which is compartmentalised within that 10%. It holds the reins on global media, finance and politics. It has roots in arcane occultism stemming back to the outcome of Galactic wars and interventions which engendered this particular seeding of humankind. One could wax lyrical about the perversity of a brilliantly conceived Luciferian, Babylonian, Egypto-Romanesque, Jesuitic, Lourian-cabalistic, Fabianist, Social-collectivist, Rothschildean, Repto-Zionist creature which has stolen into our quadrant of the multiverse. One could equally demonstrate that all the key psycho-civilisational nodes in our history have been engineered by this monstrous conspiracy, most especially from 1776 onwards. Ever since Papa Rothschild funded Jacob Frank’s perverse tango with Adam Weishaupt and the Bavarian Illuminati sprouted into 3D. But we suspect our readers are well trod by now in these dimly lit corridors.

As we pass over the religious myths and their part in the great script of ages, lets simply recall that Jesus was not a peachy white conservative Christian in a stetson, but a dark-skinned Jewish-Palestinian dissident, probably a rather pissed-off one at that. Lets also recall that Prophet Mohamed was a poet, a lover, a hell-raiser and a fighter… as well as a damned fine man of his time. Then lets leave these good fellows alone and deal with our own bullshit – face our own shadows, in the now.

The 196 nation-states which have eventuated since 1776 as carriers of our individual and collective fate, are private corporations masquerading as governments. They are therefore in fraud and treason, the latter offense carrying in most cases, the death-penalty. These nations are all signatories to countless multilateral treaties which, by design, have utterly corrupted their native peoples cultural sovereignty, raped their dignity and rendered them defunct and bankrupt outposts of sputtering Western imperialism. By ‘Western’ one simply intimates a noxious franchise bouncing from Mesopotamia’s Babylon to Rome’s Vatican-City to Londinium’s City-of-London to Washington’s District of Columbia. That is to say the masonic inspired spiritual-financial-military enterprise circumscribing the global chess-board. All nation-states were formed on the back of legacy treaties and compacts with indigenous peoples which have since been fogged over and overthrown by shiny suited modern politics and it’s attendant rudderless morality (aka satanism).

The twin pillars upon which any society or civilization stands – is law and economics. There is a reason why these subjects have been so obscured and complexified through the mists of time, for these two disciplines are also the twin-horns of the devil, and he prefers to travel incognito. A fact well know to the slavering devotees of Baphomet and Moloch who drive the sleek and sexy socio-politico-media circus which vomits over innate human sensibilities on every page, every TV screen, every plastic-wrapper and every billboard on the face of the earth. Democracy is legitimized social vampirism. Thats the great joke we need to digest: where 51% of a people can eat the other 49% alive, and still claim freedom and prosperity as their anthem. Democracy is, and always was, nothing more than a perfect dream-spell technology designed to ensure disparity and dystopia in any social construct.

The United Nations stands, along with the Bank of International Settlements, IMF, International Court of Justice, Bank of England, Federal Reserve, Vatican, IFC and a clutch of others…..as the most fraudulent and treasonous institutions ever conceived since Egyptian priests fed humans to alligators in those heady days of the fertile crescent. Even Vlad the Impaler and despotic Ceazars of Rome pale into comparison with the unadulterated evil perpetrated by our contemporaneous Blairs, Bushes, Kissingers, Clintons, Wolfowitzes, Silversteins, Brzezinskis, Al-Sauds, Netanyahus and Soros’ et al. These deviants of course being nothing more than front-of-house rock-star flunkeys to the Illumined ones.

But calculated and heavily funded sociopathy is not the problem – rather the problem is those who permission it. You and I. Same old…same old.

And no matter how we avert our gaze, it is this which needs apprehending upon the ‘duende’ line. As our lives begin to disassemble and our deepest anxieties begin to bubble in diametric proportion to the creaks and groans of a burgeoning super-quake simmering beneath Yellowstone national park. As our quaint dreams and aspirations take a back seat to the exigencies of a world war which is well underway, just not quite as TIME magazine told us it would be. Bearing in mind that Apocalypse has already long since arrived for millions of Libyans, Iraqis, Afghanis, Sudanese, Somali, Palestinians and countless other dark skinned folks in the pursuit of dem-oil-ocracy and blood-ritualism. On your dollar – on your conscience.

The millions of Syrian refugees spilling into our comfort-zones are a risible piece of sociopolitical engineering, designed to outrage the emotionality of cosseted Westerners into demonizing Syria’s legitimate government by voting for white-skins to yet again unleash the fury of hell upon innocent people. Just like Bin Laden, Al Qaida, and Freddy Kruger…..enter ISIS as the creation of a satanic rouge faction operating with tax dollars and impunity across our global intelligence circuitry, and everyone fucking knows it. So why do we not speak of it?….Sekhmet got our tongue?

General Petraeus of the US, a public oath-keeper with a square jaw and loose morals, inhabiting one of the highest military offices, receives two years probation for leaking government secrets to his mistress. By contrast, a common soldier, Chelsea Manning, receives 35 years in prison for leaking a video of US war-crimes, something which should normally warrant a Nobel Peace Prize. Ditto the cases of Julian Assange,  Edward Snowden and others currently being hunted and snared by men in camouflage costumes pursuing noble careers in treason. Brave souls continue to articulate the crimes and travesties of ages in all parts of the world, and yet as Plato said: “Those who are able to see beyond the shadows and lies of their culture will never be understood, let alone believed by the masses”. So we choose cult-of-death over life, liberty and interstellar travel. Bad call.

Hillary Clinton, as a 27 year-old staff attorney for the House Judiciary Committee during Watergate, was sacked by her supervisor (lifelong Democrat Jerry Zeifman), and now runs for Presidency of the United States. When asked why he sacked her Zeifman said “Because she was a liar. She was an unethical, dishonest lawyer, she conspired to violate the Constitution, the rules of the House, the rules of the Committee, and the rules of confidentiality”. This same New American Century protege is currently under investigation by the FBI and has a body-count of dozens of inexplicable deaths trailing behind her and her spouse, a fact well known to researchers of that spooky alliance. Couple this with a fully evidenced pathology of sexual deviance, torture, gun-running, drug-running, racketeering, coercion, murder, genocide, fraud and treason institutionally promulgated by the same sponsors who have cultivated and now attempt to shoehorn her into the Oval office. We have a scenario where Baphomet’s own bride is about to take control of a quadrillion dollar nuclear war-machine. And three hundred million Americans waddle toward the 800 plus FEMA camps and their guillotines (no joke – look it up).

As for Baphomet’s mistress the ‘greatest female pop-star’ in modern history, Madonna, commanding the attention of hundreds of millions of avid eyeballs, kicks off her world-tour in DC this month with an opening theme of “Desecration of The Bride and Arrival of Fallen Angels”. Nice gig if you can get it. Screwing around with a medley of diabolical archetypes on stage while the world goes to hell in a hand-basket.

The United Nation’s 70th General Assembly takes place on September 15th, with the recognition of a Palestinian State being mooted as crux agenda-item. If this manifests it will be of radical consequence to planetary geo-politics and religio-cultural orientation. A perfect stimulus for a faux wave of peace-in-our-time….just like the Berlin Wall stunt and the ‘Free Mandela’ stunt which the invisible hand flicked in our faces back in the day……keeping us crazed with glee as they engineered a total collapse of the Russian rouble.

The cabal were simply detonating their own parlor-game entitled ‘The Cold War’ in order to redeploy the wealth of one super-power through the hands of pimp-oligarchs and thence into the coffers of another. Didn’t quite pan out for them alas, when Reagan’s own economic hit-man Ambassador Leo Wanta, (the cited beneficiary on the bonds in the briefcase on that fateful day) had a rush of conscience and did the right thing by routing the trillions of dollars away from Hillary Clinton and cohorts into a vehicle he had established called ‘Ameritrust’. That stolen wealth resides there to this day, waiting to be purposed back to the common people of the land. Of course the good Ambassador was perfunctorily kidnapped, incarcerated, exfiltrated, kidnapped and incarcerated again by his own government. They couldn’t pop him off, still can’t, because he is the only man alive who can release those bonds in Trust. It is not a finished story – by a long chalk.

September 23rd sees the 266th Pope meeting with his agent Obama on the 266th day of the year. As Zen Gardner reminds us the human gestation mean-average period is 266 days. With Babylonian ritualism nothing of importance ever falls on a given day by chance. Is something being birthed here? Two days later the Bishop of Rome kicks off the UN’s launch of a new planetary hymn-sheet called ‘the  2030 Agenda’. If it sounds creepy thats because it is creepy. Most are aware by now of the egregious Agenda 21 plan for planetary renewal which is coupled to a depopulation and land-snatching agenda of unheralded proportion. Sounds like a papal blessing by the Jesuit pontiff is just the ingredient to get this particular souffle’ to rise.

It would probably be an educated idea to regard the Holy Father’s Madison Square mass on the 25th as an effective ‘black mass’ ritual exercise, and his UN speech a final clarion-call to the children of Lucifer whose combined raison d’etre has been the harvest of humanity. The globalist plan now come to fulmination: an environment wracked almost to ruin, every soul on earth now indentured into bonded-slavery and a mutant hologram propped up by men and women wearing costumes and badges, wielding tazers, guns, missiles, drones and more recently scalar weapons. The latter can be fully attested by victims of Tianjin and three other Chinese venues imploded by kinetic weapon strikes posing as ‘chemical explosions’ this month. The 9/11 triple-towers event saw an early debut of this uniquely evil science of eviscerating matter using scalar beams. Over the past few weeks it has clearly been the Luciferian’s preferred method of bitch-slapping the Chinese for devaluating their Yuan in dumping 94 billion dollars of Federal Reserve bonds. And that aint all they’re dumping baby…..

The Japanese government frantically induces legislation to permit their military to operate on foreign soil. The Yakuza efficiently reorganize their ranks as almost a million citizens are evacuated in the past few days as monstrous coastal flooding coheres to the ‘great tribulation’ of prophecy.

On the back end of the US military’s much vaunted Jade Helm Exercises, brush-tops  across the mid-west clink glasses with fully militarized police, as desperate efforts to enforce gun-control suggest the incoming mother of all false-flags.

Across the span of the earth chemtrails rain deathly toxins upon upturned faces, plumes of evil smoke blacken distant skylines, shiny pink faces on digital screens bleat inane lies at us, as that most revolting genus of all the ‘democratically elected leader’ buys and sells snake-oil, on our dime. Parliamentary debates, multi-lateral initiatives, White House press-dinners, Buckingham Palace state-banquets…are drip-fed to the useless eaters: grubby dog ‘n pony shows designed to enchant our idiocracy into the padded cells of socio-intellectual paralysis.

Vlad ‘puttin-it-right’ Putin appears to be last-man-standing in the hall of mirrors as he righteously nails the entire pantheon of Western puppets to their own cross. BRIC nations and Bitcoin signal the end-game as we see glimmerings of an imminent digitisation of the US dollar, probably pegged to imminent closure of the US government as they attempt to re-jig the musical chairs. That preferred scenario of a full-domination strike at Iran and Syria has not gained quite the traction it had hoped for, and the Khazarian business-plan is running behind schedule.

Whilst we are on the hot topic of crypto-Judaism: how is it that  in Prime-Minister Winston Churchill’s, President Dwight Eisenhower’s and General Charles de’Gaulle’s autobiographies published between 1948-1959, three irrefutable books with over 7000 pages of first-hand historical record, we learn nothing……not a single thing……of ‘gas chambers’, ‘genocide’ or reference to a purported ‘six million’ Jewish victims of the war?  Yet it is recorded that 6 million Polish souls died along with 26 million Russians, 14 million Chinese, 7 million Europeans etc…

  •  Sealed and guarded since the end of WWII at Arolsen, Germany, original International Red Cross documentation recently surfaced revealing the actual Concentration Camp total death toll was 271,301.
  • In the present day, 238,000 war veterans have died waiting for healthcare in the United States whilst their government has increased AID to Israel to 4.5 US Billion dollars a year.
  • Israel is the only country on earth with nuclear-strike capability which promulgates universally despised ‘apartheid’ as official policy.

In the USA today, a student loan, paid faithfully over 23 years equates to the following:

  • Borrowed: $26,400.
  • Paid Back to Date: $32,700.
  • Still Owes: $45,276.63

How does any of this insanity compute? It doesn’t.

It perfectly mirrors our unconscious civilisation….and with the (literal) passing of ‘time’ we will see International Tribunals and Truth & Reconciliation Commissions mop up the mad, the bad and the ugly in our midst.

We will soon enough see righteous marshals join ranks with young warriors of indigenous nations, concerned suburban householders link arms with ghetto-gunslingers and hordes of commoners claim the streets, by the millions. Good veterans and oath-keepers have already staked out the agents of darkness. Just as they did at the Bundy Ranch only a year ago – causing Uncle Sam to hoist up his colostomy bag and stagger back to HQ for a strategic rethink. For don’t you know it, we the mob, are also blinking into those emergent photonic gamma rays, and will be dragging the mortal functionaries of Abaddon into the market squares soon enough. The sight will not be pretty.

Beyond a certain threshold, any living man or woman who continues to conduct fraud and treason by upholding the office or seal of fraudulent ‘government’ or rotten multilateral institutions and their policing and military agencies, will hurt – badly. That is a given, as much as it is a promise. Get out of the goddamned costumes people, just get out….whilst you still can. Either that, or look to one another, gain solidarity in conscience, and move against the dark-hearts infesting all public offices and agencies. Bring them to book. Tidy up your own yards. Restore honor, dignity and noble expression to your own lives and professions. People of the world will back you all the way, provided you make yourselves known, by making your consciences heard.

There is time yet for absolution, remedy and right-action. But it can only be born out of individuals awakening to the distinction between a life-affirming world of living woMen on the living soil versus the fictitious, entropic, life-depleting world of corporations, institutions, governments and systems. All dead and in dishonor against the true ‘sovereign’, which is ‘the people’. To whom all oaths are sworn, and by whom all salaries are ensured and livelihoods gained.

‘Religiosity’ ultimately aggregates the most deviant spiritual values of a given cultural persuasion, equating to the very worst amalgam of thought and deed of any civilization.

‘Government’  on the other hand emerges as an egregious ‘dead-fiction’ seeking to control, harvest and ultimately preserve itself at all costs, up to and including the genocide of its own peoples. All recorded history prove this out. Why then do we continue with such monstrous constructs – such mutant software? Obviously because there yet remains aspects within our individual and collective psyche which seek punishment, hurt and the rough texture of cause and effect – to jolt us into awakening.

That jolt appears to be visiting upon us in 2015 and for some time thereafter. By this author’s reckoning it will not fully assuage until the closing of 2019.

CERN’s super-collider, the biggest and most expensive international scientific confidence-trick in history seeks to discover the ‘God particle’ this September. The process in simple terms, is where an excruciatingly unnatural process is undertaken by PhD’s within a 27 kilometer long underground facility. It is the biggest machine ever built, costing inordinate sums of tax-payer money, and is already producing weird-shit called Quark-Gluon-Plasma, cited as the stuff which issued at the dawn of time – milliseconds after the Big Bang. Considering the Big Bang is about as fictitious as Osama Bin Laden’s captured beard, it is not a particularly impressive claim. But then again, this latest CERN discovery is merely a cover-story intended for gibbering idiots in front of flickering screens, whilst their treasury bonds get raided to pay for the next round of godless scientific experiments.

The real science behind CERN’s search for the ‘God particle’ is where they deploy that excruciatingly unnatural process to smash particles together, in order to see what happens. Well….when you push two things together in a diabolically unnatural way, what happens is they compress into their most dense capacity, mutating the nested ethers into forging uncharted sub-dimensional propensities. In other words they are compelled to create a new space-time vector for manifestation, which they can only do by breaching 3D rules and thence entering an illicit space-time. That unnatural space-time vector is almost certainly a highway to hell. Why? Because natural law and common-sense teaches us that everything has its place in the universe. Everything is where it is meant to be, and higher expression can only be gained provided the proper permissions are sought and granted. These permissions must only ever follow an organic order of flow and expression.

When you split atoms you get an atomic bomb and things turn ugly. When you force subatomic units of stuff together and squeeze them into an illicit time-space you probably get a black-hole, worm-hole, or worse. Likely as not you unleash the lower astral realms of expression into temporal time-space. But then that is absolutely the agenda of our Babylonian priesthood: the very cadre of perverse humanoids who conspired to bring about the super-hadron-collider now seek sub-dimensional assistance for a takeover bid of our world and species. Yes friends, we are living in a bad Marvel comic-strip. And you gave it your consent by tacit acceptance as they threw bread and circuses at us: televangelists, i-phones, Hubble telescopy, HD porn, bungee-jumps and remote-wars in dusty climes to ensure our adrenal rushes.

Over the next few days a number of CERN’s lofty souls in white-coats will do the bidding of pin-striped sociopaths, and will turn on that damned machine in order to play at being G-d. If you thought that Yahweh was a kinky bastard – you may wish to zip up your leotard now.

Ah!….but what of that wave of galactic light?

It penetrates every atom, every quark, every lepton in our hologram……absolving the dark-seeds, the shadows and the legacy imprints of our limitless incarnations, provided we are standing in the perfect now, and open to that renewal. Provided we are meek enough to inherit the earth.

The pure-truth of ‘human’ cosmogenesis is far more worthy of our attention and our awe than all the illusory horrors of the hour! Consider that in the first instance we carry all the ascension codes in our DNA. We own the propensity for multidimensional expression in every instant of our be-ing and our do-ing. This means unfettered access to all planes of existence at any ‘time’ we choose. Provided we are in our innate state of grace, which is to say firing up on actuated pineal and 12 strand activated DNA. Thats a whole lot more than any reptilian-annunaki, atlantean-lemurian or sirian-plaedian is capable of achieving without hyper-dimensional technology and space-time manipulation, or human-blood come to think of it. It is in fact a whole lot more substance than was ever carried within the memes of those angry Gods of old….the Zeus’s, Yahweh’s, Jehova’s or merciful Allah’s.

Pretty damned special….and that is the point. It is precisely why generational satanism has sought, and continues to seek to anchor our plane of reality to a feedback cycle of entropic harvesting. Of atom-smashing, space-time-shredding freakery. In order that the lower realms of emergent expression can continue to vicariously live through humankind and our plane, unlawfully, by stealth, and by coopting unwitting consent.

Yet, each mortal soul is perfectly attuned and hardwired for whatever journey it is on.

Not a single thing, relationship or event can manifest on our radar screen until or unless we are perfectly ripe for attending to it. We were never a victim of circumstance, not for one incarnatory instant…..ever. Know this, and you begin to merge with the event-horizon within. This is where we actuate that zero-point harmonic….via it’s carrier….the simple 33Hz resonant value. A value which, when perfectly aligning human bio-technology with the paramagnetics of earth and dielectrics of the ethers…..activates our telegraph directly to source. It unites us mind, body and soul with the hyper dimensional mechanics of immortality and bliss, not to mention the universal library of all that is. Radiating the most powerful force in the universe, the empathic long-form wave  which issues from an activated psionic-heart-mind. Here we learn that we can bend time and freely traverse space. Thus homo-sapiens emerge as Galactic royalty, sons and daughters of G-d, temporal conduit (and point of absolution) for all lower expressions as they begin their own sentient journey toward immanent light.

This sacred quanta is where the ecstatic and the diabolical within and without us finally lay down their arms and give way to the ineffable. Absolving all fear and all shadow into knowing. Transmuting the old world into the new earth in the blink of an eye.

Soon we will be invited to do this as a collective of awakened souls. A heraldic chorus of bodhisattvas threading that camel through the eye of a needle. Not as an enigmatic and improbable riddle, but as a function of unbridled quantum joy. This has never happened before – could not have happened before. Which is why entering the flame and actuating self (pure-truth) in the ‘now’ – dispels all that is illusory, and finally coheres us to the mechanics of innate immortality and divinity.

Put your seatbelt on peeps, we’re going for a ride, and it is the quintessential reason you and I were born….lets get to it.

In Grace,

Sacha Stone


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