Face to Face with Sacha Stone: Episode 2 – Government vs People

Incase you missed the live show on January 15 here is the video replay:



This weeks ‘live’ Face to Face show with Sacha Stone is venturing into volatile territory with “When Government Declares War on The People”.

Joining Sacha for this episode is the astro-theologian, frontline activist and ‘fugitive from justice’ Santos Bonacci. He was recently kidnapped by Sheriff’s deputies in Australia and subsequently notorious for going on the run whilst supported by thousands of people across the globe. He is now preparing to serve a little justice of his own to the fraudulent government of Australia….watch this space closely.

Also joining Sacha on the show wearing a Federal ankle-bracelet is Rod Class, the Private Attorney General and Bounty Hunter who has uncovered massive fraud in the court system which threatens to bring Washington to its knees. Unsurprisingly he was also unlawfully kidnapped in Washington DC by federal agents recently. The Rod Class case is being presented as the centrepiece of the inaugural International Tribunals for Natural Justice (ITNJ) in 2015. Class is preparing to train private citizens to become private attorney generals and thereby instigate the prosecution of public servants in violation of the Constitution – including high court judges.

Rebecca Cope is one of the founding directors of the ITNJ, Prime Minister of Law and Constitution, America’s Delegates, UN-Swissindo and director of New Earth Nation’s Law Academy. This dynamic group of individuals will come together to inform you the good people on the A, B, C of reclaiming our lives from governments gone rogue.

UK Barrister and leading advocate for social justice Chris Cleverly joins Sacha in his living room to complete the line-up.

Make this memorable – and get your notebooks out!