That Which Is Eternal In Us Must Be Awakened


Written & Narrated by Thomas Joseph Brown – Senior Advisor of New Earth Institute’s Faculty of Science & Technology

True esoteric methods are not complicated.” … Mantak Chia


The Microcosmic Orbit – Reconnecting with the Original Force

The origin of our lives is in the fusion of two cosmic polarities, a microcosmic reflection of the origin of the physical universe in the fusing of darkness and light.

When we are gestating in the womb there is a basic energetic and nutritional flow from our mother through the umbilical cord into the navel. One belief attributed to the Taoist sages of the Orient is that the primary energy flow in the foetus goes in a line around the body from navel towards the perineum up through where the spine is forming, over the crown of the head and down the front of the body, through the palate and tongue (which are usually pressed together in the foetus to connect the energy meridians) to the navel where the cycle is renewed. This is the primal energy flow, antecedent to the nervous system, which our body emerges from. It is called both the Small Heavenly Cycle and the Microcosmic Circulation (or Orbit).

Dr. Rudolf Steiner stated that in order to understand the realities of the starry heavens one must also comprehend the complement, human gestation in the womb.1 This reality was well known to the Taoist, though their teachings were kept secret for many thousands of years. This is one profound aspect of the ancient Hermetic maxim: As Above, So Below.

When we are born into this world we begin absorbing vital energy through our eyes and nose and nutrition through our mouths, and for the most part people lose touch with the original energy center in the navel. Our consciousness becomes centered in the head and the inner organs are left to fend for themselves amidst the ‘pressure’ of reality. This is the current world condition.

In the West our exercise programs generally focus on the strengthening of muscle tissue and we wonder why someone who eats well and exercises can drop dead of a heart attack or other organic disorder. In the East specific teachings have survived which allow one to reconnect with and increase their original energy, to circulate it in the microcosmic orbit and thence move it outward through the entire acupuncture meridian system. But to work into this one must be able to first clear and focus the mind.


The function of consciousness is generally relegated to the cranial grey cells but those are really part of a greater whole. Our brain is the nexus of the central nervous system and is the seat of our discursive—onlooker—consciousness, but not that of the total human consciousness. Our entire body encompasses that. The heart, nexus of the vascular system, has been acknowledged as a seat of consciousness by many diverse cultures worldwide, and the solar plexus has been termed the ‘abdominal brain’.

We have a special consciousness for each organ of the body. Moods and emotions well up from our entire being and directly impinge upon the conscious action of the individual. When we lose touch with our total consciousness there can arise a wide range of degenerate health conditions related to organic dysfunction. Western medicine replies by providing specialists in particular parts of the body, mistaking the symptoms for the cause – as though the ailments are merely physical in nature.


A characteristic feature of the most ancient of philosophies of which we have any knowledge is the belief in the creative influences, æons or gods in relation to the measurement of time. It was understood that every man contains within his nature elements which directly correspond to each one of the gods, the proportions depending on the time and place of his birth. The same notion was extended to human societies, which have a life cycle like that of an individual, and time itself was seen as a procession of gods or cosmic forces, regulating the course of events both throughout the day and over long periods of time.     – John Michell2

Rudolf Steiner indicated that as the sun moved through various stages of the zodiac in the past, the focus of consciousness moved through different parts of the body.3 In what he termed the First Post-Atlantean Epoch the sun rose in Cancer in the spring and this related to the thorax. Humans sensed and reacted through their breathing and were in direct touch with the elemental world. Perception depended on breathing changes – as one met various people, or observed diverse objects, their breathing would change accordingly and awareness arose from these perceptions.

In the Second Post-Atlantean Epoch, when the sun arose in Gemini in the spring, the symmetrical aspect of consciousness developed and humans gained an awareness of the cosmic aspect. The inward (symmetrical) complement to this was perception in the abdomen – contact with the deep atavistic forces.

In the Third Post-Atlantean Epoch the sun rose in Taurus in spring and this related to the larynx forces. Thus developed the connection between the spoken word and objective reality. These words were not abstract concepts, but words of power which connected one to the cosmos. Our abstract languages of today are but a pale shadow of this directly communicative speech.

The Fourth Post-Atlantean Epoch dawned when the sun began to rise in Aries in spring and this related to the upper head region. The Cosmic Mysteries were the thought patterns of this age and the great temples of Greece and Rome describe this original connection which gradually degenerated into the materialism preceding the fall of those great civilizations.

The Fifth Post-Atlantean Epoch, which Steiner claims began in the 15th Century, was brought on when the sun rose in Pisces in the spring and this represented the foot forces, the binding of humans to the earthly forces. But those incarnating within this, our present period have the greatest potential for spiritual advancement of their human souls. In Dr. Steiner’s conception as the physical body (individually and planetary) grows old the etheric body grows young.

While I realize that there are differing schools of thought on the timing of the astrological æons—many feel that the age of Pisces began 2000 years ago, hence the symbolism of Ikthus the fish and the vesica piscis in relationship to Christianity—the concept I am trying to bring forward here is the progressive awakening of that which is eternal in humans, that which is connected to the cosmos, the innate perception of the microcosm connected to the macrocosm which is deadened by our modern world view. Within all manifestation is a living, spiritual essence which came before and will outlast the physical.

Dr. Steiner presented the concept that as the physical body grows old the etheric body grows young. This finds congruency with esoteric theories on the polar natures of spiritual and material time streams, as well as the practice of Taoist Yoga. The aim of Taoist Yoga is to gestate an immortal being within so that at the time of death it is born as a vehicle for the soul to travel in at will. Without such a vehicle reincarnation is immanent, unless the soul has been damaged or degenerated through unhealthy practices – in which case the basic components return to their respective elemental oceans – or partially connected segments reincarnate with plenty of troubles to see them through their karma.


Is it possible to get in touch with our entire organism and build our physical and spiritual strength from there? The answer is a resounding yes – if you have the discipline and moral aptitude to devote yourself to such a project. If humanity if ever going to metamorphose beyond our present degenerate culture we need to be able to control our own energies and not be controlled by external impulses – especially those presented through manifestations of the electrical forces.

The Taoist system provides a complete system by which this may be achieved. In the more advanced stages of Taoist Yoga the external influences of the cosmos are only taken in as needed and are no longer pushing and pulling one subconsciously – one can release themself from control of astrological influences!

In the ancient Taoist system each major organ has a positive and negative emotion ascribed to it, as well as representative colors and animals—deep symbolism whose meaning can only dawn through internal awakening: 4

Organ Positive Emotions Negative Emotions Color Animal
Lungs Righteousness, Surrender, Courage Sadness, Grief, Sorrow White White Tiger
Kidneys Gentleness Fear Dark Blue Deer
Liver Kindness Anger Green Dragon
Heart Joy, Honor, Sincerity Cruelty, Impatience Red Pheasant
Spleen Fairness, Compassion Worry, Sympathy Yellow Phoenix

While the oriental symbolism of this system will not appeal to all, one’s organs still need attention – it should be a priority to get in touch with our organs, know them, feed them with vital energy. In our modern age people go to great lengths to be ‘sexy’, with clothes, makeup and social action, but this is all an external illusion, style with no content. Real sexuality arises from vibrant organs, the sperm and ovum are the quintessence of the organic system and their energy can be cultivated, preserved and transformed for nourishing the system and awakening the spirit within.

It was reported in the ‘news’ that sperm count in men has dropped dramatically, an obvious discernment considering the disconnection of modern consciousness from the physical and the general degeneration of the life body of the earth. Vital force is the ultimate healing agency – we are creators, interiorizing the universe within each of us. We connect ourselves with the universe – spiritual advancement comes with healing.


Chakra system & glandsNo description of the chakras can be given except to state that they are minute, like a small cell and all have a tiny spot which is like an eye, entrance to a duct. They are invisible to the naked eye. The fanciful pictorial patterns by Indian artists can be ignored, but now that we are familiar with the recent progress in genetic research and that the information of a thousand volume encyclopædia can be contained in one sperm head, we can easily understand the fabulous nature and power in each chakra. Shri Dadaji Gurudev Mahendranath5

Modern medical research has discovered that after certain physical portions of the brain have been removed the body can still commission functions related to the removed section. The theory of morphogenetic fields can account for situations like this; but as profound as that theory appears to modern consciousness, it lags far behind basic esoteric knowledge of the interior “wiring” of the body. In the west we have been exposed to books, such as Charles Leadbeater’s Chakras6, which describes specific energy centers of the body. A standardized, easily workable science of activating the chakras has not readily been available; however, many systems teach physical and mental techniques to stimulate these etheric vortices into action. Merely focusing on the chakras, while expanding awareness, does not constitute a thorough system for developing and integrating the higher bodies, though it is a step in the proper direction.

One researcher who has experienced the chakras subjectively through yogic practices, as well as through scientific measurement utilizing instruments of his own development is Hiroshi Motayama. He developed two instruments, the AMI (Apparatus for Measuring the Functional Conditions of Meridians and their Corresponding Internal Organs), and the Chakra Instrument. The AMI was “designed to measure the initial skin current, as well as the steady state current, in response to DC voltage externally applied at special acupuncture points … these special points are ostensibly the terminal points of meridians where the Ki energy either enters or exits the body.” The Chakra Instrument was “designed to detect the energy generated in the body and then emitted from it in terms of various physical variables … it is designed to detect minute energy changes (electric, magnetic, optical) in the immediate environment of the subject.” The Chakra Instrument is used in a room shielded from light and electrical fields. Research with these instruments has indicated the reality of the meridians and chakras.6 Besides measuring energies in the electromagnetic and optical bands, the human body also emits minute vibrations in the 6-12 cycles per second range, and there are vital energies which have not yet been measured with scientific equipment. Our bodies are dynamos of activity on a broad spectrum of wavelengths.7

The chakras can be understood as specific nexus points along the subtle wiring system of the body, and have also been related to the ductless glands. They are energy connecting points, but also much more. They can be stimulated through concentration and through certain tones – seed syllables – which must be pronounced correctly in order to be activated. The throat chakra contains sixteen ‘petals’, the first seven are a musical scale, the eighth is called the venom of mortality – these eight relate to our sound relationship with the world through speech and music. The ninth through the fifteenth are the seed syllables relating to the seven chakras which can only be pronounced after proper training. The sixteenth is called the nectar of immortality. In Taoism it is said that the thyroid gland in the throat controls speech, and when there is tension in that gland one has trouble speaking, though the tongue itself is connected to the heart.

The Tibetan Book of the Dead (Bardo Thodol)8,9,10 describes an archetypal trip through the memories stored in a portion of the chakra system. The peaceful deities are the path through the energy relationships stored in the heart chakra and the wrathful deities are from those stored in the crown chakra, at the top of the skull. Various other entities encountered in the Bardo Thodol are the energy relationships with the connecting meridian and points between the heart and crown chakras. The god forms encountered are merely the cultural masks placed by the Tibetans on the energies we all encounter in life – each culture will have its own masks. You can find yours by getting in touch with your inner self.

People with near-death experiences have reported that they saw their whole life ‘flash before their eyes’. This is because they are experiencing the totality of the stored memory in their energy system as it separates from the physical. This is the true source of karma, our energy relationships between our subjectivity and our objectivity. In some cultural traditions it is said that after death a person walks a path and has to face each person they met in life again. This is congruent to the Tibetan concept of the peaceful and wrathful deities. When we cross paths with others in this life we have time after the fact to consider the relationships. After we shed our clay suits we encounter the primary energy relationship which are then no longer grounded in the material plane. If one has learned from life’s experiences then progress is inevitable in the ungrounded state. If one hasn’t learned they are channelled back into the material plane to try and learn again. Such is the ever turning wheel of life. But once an individual takes full control of their own destiny they can consciously remove themselves from the cycle – but doing so entails a pragmatic approach, i.e. a precise practice and not primarily a philosophical state of mind.

It has been said that by simply being born as a homo sapiens does not make one a member of the human race. To become a member one must make a conscious commitment.11 Each individual has their own path of commitment. It is destiny, but destiny can be altered or delayed by diverse modes of action.

elements & stupaFOUR OR FIVE ELEMENTS?

The Chakra system is pictured with seven chakras, the lower five being related to the elements as they have been considered in the Western alchemical tradition, Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Ether, Ether being the quintessence of the other four. Air and Fire are transposed along the Chakra channel to allow for the active folding of the elements into the human body. The chakras have the same pattern as the Buddhist Stupa, a shrine built of the elemental flow in the body of the cosmos as reflected in the human body. This shows that the four basic elements were known and used as a basis for psycho-cosmic thought in the Orient.

However, in the Chinese culture we find an elemental system which has five elements, Earth, Water, Wood, Fire and Metal. In Chinese medicine these five elements are related to specific organs of the body: Lungs – Metal; Kidneys – Water; Liver – Wood; Heart – Fire; Spleen – Earth. These elements have a creation cycle and a controlling cycles and are a logical system relating to all aspects of life in Chinese traditional thought.

There does not appear to be a direct correlation between the two elemental systems, yet both are completely valid for the viewpoint they describe. They are views of different cross-sections and do not conflict. Earth, Water, Air and Fire are universal elements and exist in modern science as the states of matter, solid, liquid, gas and plasma. While no exact physical correlate exists for the Chinese five element theory it is quite useful in understanding the physical state of one’s organic system.


The Governor Meridian – From the perineum up the spine to the crown of the head and down to the palate.

Acupuncture describes the basic energy points and pathways of the physical body, like the ley lines of the earth, and this energy structure has been observed in western clinical research. Acupuncture meridians are energy lines which flow about the body, certain points on which connect to various organs and other energy centers. The basic approach to acupuncture is described in many books, all of whom pretty much concur with each other.12,13 There is reportedly an esoteric form of acupuncture, in which certain secret points are touched by a chi master to simulate higher states of consciousness in the student. The student then can strive naturally towards the state which he has experienced thusly.14

The Functional / Conception Meridian – From the perineum up the front of the body to the tip of the tongue.

In ancient China people paid their doctors to keep them healthy. It is said that if one got sick the doctor had to pay them back – certainly a system that should be brought back into use. Acupuncture was originally conceived as an inferior form of medicine; the best doctors would keep their patients healthy and not need to resort to mechanical manipulations of the energy meridians. Where manipulation was necessary they would manipulate it with their own energy, either mentally or with finger pressure. However, acupuncture has evolved into a well-established medical procedure in Asia, and has gained a minimal level of acceptance. You can even go to an acupuncturist on public aid in California and elsewhere.

Some modern acupuncture techniques involve putting electricity into the energy meridians via the needles. The original form of acupuncture involved the energy of the practitioner – they were trained to project their force before they could use a needle to direct it. With the advent of modern approaches to understanding the human energy body has come the grave error of confusing the gross electrical forces with the fine life energies of the body. Keeping this misconception in mind will allow us to read deeper into modern researchers on the subject and understand more fully what is being sought.

Dr. Robert Becker has shown in his work that there is a primitive direct current energetic system congruent to the acupuncture system. The function of this system is to sense injury and effect repair. “Pain transmission is one of the functions of the DC electronic data transmission system. The transmission of DC signals via actual current flow over transmission lines is subject to cable constants such as ‘resistance’. In engineering practice, this is overcome by inserting into the line, at intervals, operational ‘booster’ amplifiers to restore signal strength and maintain intelligibility over distance. Since our data indicate that the operational signal levels of the biological DC system are in the millivolt and nanoampere ranges, one can predict the need for structures functioning as operational amplifiers along the channels of DC transmission. This analysis leads one to consider the acupuncture meridians as DC communication channels and the points as sites of operational amplifier location. If we are correct, the points should show lower resistance and higher conductance than non-point areas of the skin, and both resistance and conductance factors should show an organized field pattern around the point. The points should be discreet sources of direct current. They may demonstrate a polarity indicative of the direction on signal transmission and, when instrumented in series, the points should demonstrate propagation of signal. This concept offers an opportunity to objectively assay the system of acupuncture meridians and points in a scientific fashion within the framework of a viable theory. Such analysis has been in progress and our results indicate that approximately half of the acupuncture points studied exist as real, measurable entities with electrical characteristics as predicted by our theory.”15

The acupuncture points show less resistance of around 50,000 to 100,000 ohms, as opposed to the normal skin resistance of about 1,000,000 ohms. Thus a basic acupuncture detector can be built based on this principle.16,17 Such devices have been built but electrical sensitivity varies from person to person, and the cleanliness and moisture of the skin will vary between individuals. Hence, this is not a fully reliable approach and is not relied on by skilled acupuncturists. However, it is an excellent research approach to objectifying the reality, and no doubt technology in this arena will continue to evolve and become more accurate. As mentioned previously, electrical stimulation of acupuncture points has also come into vogue, an inevitable result of the electrical world view impinging on the natural approaches.

The chakras are major points on the acupuncture meridian system—what Dr. Becker terms ‘operational amplifiers’. There is sufficient physical evidence to support the reality of the acupuncture points and meridians. When these points and meridians are stimulated or blocked with various methods there is a definitive physical change in the body.


It has been known in the orient for thousands of years that this energy structure can be kept at optimum operation through focusing the consciousness upon it – it is consciousness in its grander form. But one of the shortcomings of the oriental systems have been that those of western bent cannot always relate to the various godforms and energies attributed to them. It must be understood that these godforms are merely the cultural masks, and that the Europeans lost touch with their original cultural masks and gained new ones with the advents of Christianity and the Industrial Revolution. But cultural masks are not necessary – there is an archetypal system that will relate to all humanity – there has to be, it only makes sense.

Various internal exercises have been available in the west for many years. Peter Kelder’s Eye of Revelation,18,19 which contains five basic exercises, termed ‘rites’, which stimulate the energy body into action. Riley Hansard Crabb, my mentor at Borderland Sciences who republished Kelder’s work back in the 1960s, related the various exercises to sections of the Qabalistic Tree of Life. Another version of these exercises was published as Ancient Secrets of the Fountain of Youth. The exercises are faithfully described in the book, but for some unknown reason the publishers arbitrarily changed the energy centers that are stimulated by the exercises to match their concept of the chakras.20 Now known as the “Five Tibetans” these exercises are quite well known and popular with several videos and numerous books detailing them.

In those books true to Kelder’s original there is a sixth ‘rite’ for men to sublimate their sexual energy up their spine. However, it is not a detailed exercise such as are found in the Taoist system, and there is no information on what women are to do. This shows that the origins of the Five Rites are no doubt authentic, but that the ultimate inner teachings were not given forth. Nonetheless, the Five Rites are an excellent exercise system, both physically and energetically, and are an important introduction to internal work. Great caution should be taken in sublimating the sexual force up the spine. The excited male energy is hot and can cause physical problems if stored in the head. It must be brought down to the navel center through the palate-tongue connection after raising it up the spine. The unexcited energy can be stored in the head and adds greatly to the intelligence and life force of the individual. Naturally, as equal complements of physical manifestation women can also move their sexual energy through their meridians. This is one stage in Taoist Internal Alchemy.21,22

The sexual energies are persistently drained out by activities of modern culture. Our hopes and desires—our entire life waves—are intertwined with their use or misuse. When one treads the path of implosion instead of explosion they are on the way to spiritual immortality.


dragon & pearl chi

Dragon with Pearl – The Eastern dragon is not the gruesome monster of medieval imagination, but the genius of strength and goodness. The Dragon represents that which is common between the furthest depths of our soul and that which is beyond the outer periphery of space – across those borderlands which separate us from our origins. The pearl is the cosmic energy – the fusion of the five elements, flowing through all life – and is controlled by our developing consciousness through the breath. It can be circulated through the Microcosmic Orbit. The force goes where the consciousness goes.

There has been a growing fascination in the West with the Oriental martial arts, Kung Fu, Aikido and Tai Chi, which focus on internal chi energy, rather than Karate, Tae Kwan Do and Thai Boxing which focus more on external physical training – though mental training is very important in most schools. Having read some of the translated sacred texts of the Orient I knew that there was an underlying energetic process behind the various martial arts, but for many years so little was to be found on exact procedure for full control of this energy. Fragments would appear here and there in books, indicating that there were methods of rejuvenating the body and raising it to high levels of energy.

In the mid 1970’s the book Taoist YogaAlchemy and Immortality by Lu Kuan Yu (Charles Luk)23 became available. It described in some detail the process of the Microcosmic Circulation, the act of moving ones chi energy through the two main acupuncture channels, the Functional (or Conception) meridian which goes from the perineum up the front of the body to the tip of the tongue, and the Governor which goes from the perineum up the spine to the crown of the head and down to the palate. By touching the tip of the tongue to the palate the two channels are connected and the energy is circulated from the navel up the spine and down the front to the navel again. From there the energy may be taken to other centers and transmuted into higher forms. Mr. Luk’s book, while being quite revealing and an important work, was still a bit obtuse and difficult to completely grasp and it left many questions only an experienced teacher could answer.

About ten years after that a Taoist master, Mantak Chia, began issuing books, the first being Awaken Healing Energy Through The Tao.24 Master Chia’s books are much more in detail and quite helpful to those who wanted to (or had to) practice without a physical teacher on hand. He has studied and mastered the entire Taoist internal system and is in the process of revealing it to the world.

Master Chia’s books cover in very specific terms the energetic process of Taoist internal yoga from basic awareness of the energy, on through the entire internal alchemy, further on through an amazing healing system Chi Nei Tsang25 (Internal Organ Chi Massage), on through the development of the immortal foetus and release from the thraldom of the wheel of life. This is the first complete revelation of this extremely ancient system and there are centers springing up all over the world for those who want to learn it. It matters not if you worship Guan Yin, Jesus, Mohammed, all-of-the-above, or none-of-the-above, this is an energetic system of physical, emotional and spiritual health which can be applied by all humans.

The Chinese National Chi Kung Institute began issuing a mail order course on the internal Taoist circulations in the mid 1980’s. This course is now available on the internet at various sources.26

A bit of internet searching will pay of well on all these subjects, as now there is more information available than there is time to evaluate and process it.


In this day and age we are all concerned about our health and the prospects of degenerate disease. Our inner health is directly related to our outer health and the healing of the planet can only come about through a collective inner organization. Many people following the Western Esoteric Traditions have prejudices towards these oriental influences, yet we are all on the same planet and can learn from others’ enlightened viewpoints. The Western Traditions will die out unless they are vitalized through a pragmatic approach towards cultivating our vital energies. Dr. Wilhelm Reich’s discovery of the orgone energy provides a lynch-pin for the western scientific mind to begin to probe these areas, and Dr. Rudolf Steiner’s many lectures provide further clues for a modern vitalistic approach to science and esotericism to emerge. Trevor Constable has presented a cogent overview of the Western Esoteric approach to the vital energies in The Cosmic Pulse of Life30 which should be read by all who seek to understand the finer forces of nature. But as westerners we are at the beginnings of discovering the vitalistic approach to the world, in the process of learning we can look to those of other cultures who have mastered the art of cultivating their inner force and connecting it with the universe. Through synthesis and metamorphosis we all grow towards a common goal. There are lifetimes of knowledge to be learned.


One major purpose of the Taoist meditations is to increase the chi pressure in the system to reduce the possibility of disease entering the organism. Negative emotional energy is transformed to pure energy. Negative energy in the organs is vented off via various exercises such as the Six Healing Sounds.

Proper breathing exercises are at the base of all of these methods. In The Amazing Secrets of the Masters of the Far East31 exercises are given for generating the vital force through breathing exercises termed pranayama. This book is a good introduction to the Indian approach to cultivating inner force.

A practice known as the Six Healing Sounds produce a special tone or word for each organ and vents out negative energy, replacing it with positive. Those familiar with Albert Abrams’ research describing the origins of radionics will know that he based his original impulse on the “percussive” technique known from the middle ages, where a person’s abdomen would be struck with a mallet (lightly of course) and the quality of the organ could be readily assessed. This developed into rubbing the abdomen with a rounded cylinder of glass where the practitioner would feel a “stickiness” in out of phase organs as the glass was moved around, the glass acting as a dielectric between the two people’s fields. This morphed into the rubbing plate of 20th Century radionics.

As radionics developed it became known that by applying a specific etheric frequency to one’s body an out-of-tune organ could be brought back to optimal operation. The Six Healing Sounds thus allows one to operate their body as the radionics instrument. Once one has progressed past the physical plane equipment, the first stage of radionics, they move on to the higher levels – but this knowledge is vacant from all modern exoteric radionic schools of thought. In past ages the energies to keep the organs in full function were derived from temple structures and mystery school ritual patterns. We are moving forward in time and the ancient Taoist techniques have come full circle to allow everyone – with whatever religious or cultural interface you prefer to use in connecting with the universe – to keep their own body in optimal health. This is the most basic and fundamental step towards any higher knowledge.

In the Taoist practices oxygen and chi are ‘packed’ into the fasciae of the organs and the layers of skin. These days many people are aware of the importance of oxygenating the body, Ed “Mr Oxygen” McCabe has travelled the world spreading this important information. There are many oxygen products and procedures for putting oxygen into the human system, either orally, rectally or by direct injection (of ozone) into the blood, and all of them seem to be of great benefit to the system. Using Taoist breathing meditations one can bring oxygen into the system on their own power and direct it to the place most needed. I have heard it said that deep breathing will not keep the oxygen in the system as long as taking an oxygen product, but this reveals an ignorance of or a prejudice against proper energetic breathing exercises. You can learn to store it in your system, and you have the added advantage of having the chi energy stored with it. It is probable that there is no life force in the bottles of oxygen carriers, just the oxygen itself.


All of us have an individuality that is developing – we are in the age of ego development (egotistical activities are signs of improper development). With the birth of the great totalitarian states, brought about by severely restricted energy flows in masses of humans, there comes an obvious conflict with ego development. This is a great ordeal of our age and many deal with it differently. The many impulses of our modern technological age have in many ways replaced the cosmic influences which have waned with the electrification of the planet. People are pulled this-a-way and that-a-way by advertisements and urges to consciously satisfy unconscious organ degeneration. Our sexual energy is constantly being leaked out of our systems by the glamor used in advertising and subliminally integrated into automobile shapes and other products and packaging. In is of the utmost importance to develop and contain your own individual microcosmic world, for in that lies the correcting of the many external dysfunctions.

In order to keep some level of individuality people develop diverse styles of dress and action, and of course this gives great flavor to our world when these styles are an expression of a vitally active soul. There has arisen what are called ‘modern primitives’, people who tattoo and pierce their bodies for various reasons, to reach different states of consciousness from the endorphin rushes concomitant with such practices, to show their rejection of modern society, or to profess an individuality and sense of power in their own bodies (and tattoos and piercings have been used in various cultures over the æons to coordinate the physical body with the energy body). These are outer expressions which vary from person to person and culture to culture. But within us all, just as we all have the same organs, organized into a fundamental structure. Externally the human race manifests as different racial groups, and there is that which is common amongst all and that which is different between each. Each race is an organ of the whole, and as we find many people suffering from disruption of the organic balance within their bodies we also find organic disruption within the body of the human race.

This article is an attempt to describe that which is a common expression of the eternal within each of us. It is too easy to find that which is different—each of us knows within themselves how they differ from the others—and through applying the lower end of the cognitive spectrum to this aspect we have come to our present world in conflict. It is by finding that which is common amongst us that we progress towards a harmonious, uplifting culture and discover that which is eternal in us all.


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