Exemplar Zero – A Sustainable Non-Profit Initiative

The New Earth Science & Technology Faculty is partnered with Humanitad Foundation’s Exemplar-Zero Initiative. It is through this alliance that the Faculty’s technology solutions will be brokered to the national level for carte-blanche implementation.

The Exemplar-Zero Initiative was launched at the UN Millenium Plaza in 2010. Exemplar-Zero the only advanced technology initiative in the world to have been launched under multi-lateral observance and so is uniquely positioned to engage world leaders in the breakthrough energy conversation. It invites and challenges all nations to demonstrate their stated obligations toward mitigating climate-change, carbon-emissions and ensuring a sustainable future. The E-Z Initiative demands a policy-perspective recognition of the urgent need for a harmonious balance between the built and the natural environment. It also invites an active consensus between governments, industry and grass-roots.

free energyThe E-Z Initiative is cutting out the background noise and vested interests, which often stand in the way of real change. It will, at the same time, exemplify governments, businesses and institutions, which demonstrate real and proactive commitments to ushering in environmental sustainability. Exemplar-Zero invites participating nations to submit their own innovations for selection within the E-Z Index of technologies, solutions & best practices – thereby defining the new standards of planetary sustainability.

  • E-Z stands for ‘exemplar-zero’ and for ‘easy’ and will deliver on this promise to its participating innovators and customer-nations across the globe.
  • E-Z will act as bridge and broker, linking ‘technology-solutions’ to customer-nations.
  • The Initiative invites participating developing nations to dynamically participate in the commercialization of the Exemplar-Zero technologies and solutions – thereby helping to u-turn economic decline in developing nations.
  • Participating nations are invited to ‘lean’ their sovereign wealth capability against.
  • The non-profit Exemplar-Zero Global Infrastructure Fun creating community chest’ for real delivery of solutions into the global market-place.
  • Exemplar-Zero invites innovators to place their innovations into the Exemplar-Zero ‘basket’, 30837teslacoilpermitting us to forge rapid and robust commercial deals directly with customer-nations – thus ensuring the fast-track investment, manufacture, distribution and implementation of your sustainable innovations.
  • Exemplar-Zero will only accept ‘ground-breaking’ vanguard technologies and solutions into its ‘basket’ – ensuring that it lives up to it’s high-claim of representing only exemplary modalities and those which aim toward a zero negative environmental impact.
  • E-Z is a non-profit platform- and will designate its revenue streams directly back into the host-nations themselves, developing further sustainable programs and initiative.
  • Lasting success of the Initiative will rest upon the goodwill of participating nations as well as the goodwill of innovators and their solutions and technologies.

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