What to Expect From Mercury Retrograde: December 19th, 2016 – January 8th, 2017


Written by Jennifer Sodini

It’s that “dreaded” time of year again when Mercury enters retrograde, and life begins to reflect an intensification of lessons, and experiences we must confront in order to resolve the unhealed fragments of our spirit.


“Mercury has very special role of translating wisdom and great personal awareness. He travels between humans and gods, darkness and light, and remains just the messenger not the judge.” – River Rain

Mercury retrograde begins on December 19th, 2016, and will last until January 8th, 2017. An interesting time of transition, as the retrograde continues through the Winter Equinox, Christmas, and into the New Year. Perhaps the timing is part of the universe’s divine plan, as 2016 was a year of density and chaos, and exiting out of the heaviness calls for pause, to restore clarity through contemplation.

While many experience Retrograde “dread”, and fear this time, we can only transmute these feelings with love, and a shift in perception. Although we may experience the usual Retrograde symptoms such as trouble communicating, and literal/metaphorical “bumps in the road”, the pause is powerful, and if we breathe through the transition, and choose to ride the Retrograde wave fearlessly, we can find a deep restoration of inner vision, in order to clear away any haziness that is preventing us from living in our soul’s truth.

Since Mercury is the Divine messenger of the gods (and rules over communication), in order to ride this wave, spend some time listening to your body, and clearing/healing the throat chakra. Cleansing this energy center will allow your communication to remain balanced during an unbalanced time. The “Chakra Sound Healing and Balancing for the Throat or Vishuddha Chakra Meditation 741 hz” meditation below may be helpful for this process. (Go to the 5th video in the playlist)


Also, according to ForeverConscious.com, the astrological sign governing this Retrograde period also has the energies of responsibility, practicality and stability – and practicing journaling, creativity, and exercise are other positive outlets through the process.

“In December, Mercury is going to retrograde in the sign of Capricorn. Capricorn is practical and stable, which means that Mercury is going to be clearing out our closets in a very practical and matter of fact way. There will no room for emotion, instead Mercury is going to clear out our throat chakra with a certain air of disconnect.

This is great, because in many ways it tones down any emotional reactions and allows us to see things from a more grounded point of view.

Practices like journalling, creative activities and exercise are also going to be great outlets during this retrograde period. In fact, anything you can do to get your energy moving may help you to shift and see things from a new perspective.

During a Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn, we are encouraged to take responsibility for what we choose to express and how we choose to express it. We are also encouraged to clear out and release things that we may have been clinging on to emotionally.”


This will be the final retrograde for 2016, and if we give it gratitude for what it will ultimately teach us about ourselves, we can enter 2017 without fear, ready to embrace our evolution with renewed vigor and strength.

Originally posted @ Collective Evolution


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