Face to Face with Sacha Stone: Episode 3 – Satanism to Sovereignty

This weeks ‘live’ Face to Face show with Sacha Stone is venturing deep into the shadow-lands investigating the art & science of absolving ritualistic evil.

Joining Sacha for this episode is the astro-theologian, frontline activist and ‘fugitive from justice’ Santos Bonacci ( who received 15 lashes for his no-show with us last week!). He was recently kidnapped by Sheriff’s deputies in Australia and is currently on the run supported by thousands of people across the globe. Santos is expert on the more esoteric aspects of ritualism and covert-elitism.

Also joining Sacha on the show is Jay Parker who was born into a multi-generational satanic/Illuminati family receiving MONARCH trauma-based mind-control as a child. For the first seven years of his life, Jay was subject to Satanic Ritual Abuse in a large cult setting. He speaks beautifully about recovery and healing methods for survivors. He discusses in detail neurological & biological discoveries and a holistic healing approach related to ritual abuse.

Also helping to dive into art and science of absolving the ‘shadow’ is Lorraine Flaherty who is a transformational, Inner Freedom therapist, who utilises the tools of Hypnotherapy, NLP, Past Life Therapy, Future Life Progression, Life Between Lives, Inner Child Therapy, Ancestral Healing and Spirit Release. She has been a certified teacher of Accelerated Learning Skills and Communication Skills to Medical students, Dentists and Midwives in many Universities including UCL, Oxford and Cambridge for over 8 years. Over the last 14 years she has helped thousands of people from all walks of life overcome their fears and limiting beliefs so that they could reach their full potential, this includes many stars of radio, television, music and film.