Faces of New Earth: New Earth PowWow #1

Our first POWWOW begins to introduce our quantum, multi dimensional team to the world. Since the inception of the New Earth Project, we have had a wonderful and colorful array of individuals devote their time and flavor into the ever expanding Brain Trust that is the NewEarth Project. We understand that navigating that as an observer can be overwhelming.. so we’re bringing them to you!!

The NewEarth Institute has united world experts and passionate pioneers of alternative thought to design engaging courses and advance scientific progress into an open sourced age of sustainability and abundance.  Many of our speakers have been working on the cutting edge of their respective fields, participating in the global dialogue of this spectacularly shifting paradigm.

Attending this PowWow:

Sacha Stone, New Earth Founder
Dr. Nancy Ash – Director, NewEarth Institute
Dr. Doug Linman – Director, NEST
Gaëtan Robert – New Earth Member
Randy Kaiser – New Earth Member
Greg Paul – Director, NewEarth Project, Ground Crew Peru Project
Steve Herr – ITNJ Committee Member
Santi Azpilicueta – IT Director
Thomas Brown – NEST Member
Maria Thomas Wolf – Operations NEST
Julene Siddique – Academy of Sound, Music and Transformation
Danielle Brooks – Health & Wellness
Rebecca Cope – Director, ITNJ
Brian Kelly – Director, NewEarth Haven
Ryan Boyd – Consciousness & Spirituality / The NEM News Desk Editor
Jason Bart – Design & Development
Alex Loseman – Ecology & Regeneration
and the NewEarth Team.

Please tune in as we present our beloved New Earth family to the world:


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