Feelin' the Flow in Carlos' "Devotion in Motion" Yoga Video Immersion

Even though Carlos manages to cue yoga poses, guide meditation, and play Ngoni (like a harp from Africa) during savasana with total focus and precision, I can’t help but chuckle a bit every time his charming Venezuelan accent says something like “rrrrrround your spine”.

There’s a really nice flow throughout this 2nd Episode of Carlos’ “Devotion in Motion” yoga video Immersion.

He expertly weaves in vinyasa flow style asana through heart-opening, and awareness expanding standing and sitting postures. I felt a nice buzz and tingle immediately after the episode was over that carried me through my whole day.

For me, practicing yoga is all about connecting with the teacher.

I like to feel that they’re just like me, and may experience some of the same challenges and triumphs I do every day. What I feel when I watch Carlos’ immersion is that he is real, and when he offers little nuggets of wisdom I feel like they’re coming from a place of experience, rather than just reading them in a book. This is why I love hearing stories while I practice asana. Carlos’ story, becomes my story, and his experience and teachings become ours to share.

Can I also just say that I’m in love with the music in this episode?

Watch and listen closely and you’ll see Rob playing a beautiful song on Ngoni (like a harp, from Africa) followed by two gorgeous tracks by Shimshai, and Jarah Tree. Just like everything else, we try to do differently, we like to weave the music in and out, not playing it continuously as to be distracting, rather adding textures or layers for our practice together.


If you’re really feeling this episode, and want to see the full version, guess what, you can stream and download it for FREE!



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