Find Healing and Forgiveness With This Intense Visual Meditation


Written by Jennifer Sodini

Quieting the mind through meditation is a practice that takes focus and diligence, as it is not always so easy to tune out from the outside world. Thoughts can bubble up, worries can weigh, and the voice inside sometimes has A LOT to say. Through practice you will find your flow, and in time you’ll be able to master your meditation “mute button” no problem.

However, for those of you who are still very new to tapping into higher consciousness (and for those who are not) the video below is a great visual meditation that will allow you to find healing, and forgiveness through a very special sacred geometry “template” designed to align you with your ultimate path/purpose.

The meditation is a multi-sensory experience that is enjoyable for the novice as well as the advanced explorer of the mind. Enjoy!

The Full Version of this Video in HD can be bought from the website

Originally posted @ Evolve & Ascend


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