Finding Balance In Sarah's Yoga Video Immersion


Sarah Holland has a beautiful voice.

When I started Episode Six of her “Yogic Journey Through the Elements” video immersion, I instantly felt reassured and calm when I heard her voice.

This was great, as I often come across yoga teachers that have a very strong voice. I always imagine that a teacher with a strong voice has an intense practice, and I am usually correct. Don’t get me wrong – this is not a bad thing.

I frequently seek out strong yoga practices, however this is usually in the afternoon when I am feeling energetic. At 7.30 this morning it was comforting to hear Sarah’s gentle and soothing voice. I immediately knew that I was going to enjoy this episode, on just one cup of coffee.


This practice was perfect for me this morning, it was exactly what I needed to find balance. This episode was not too strong, but not too gentle either – it was medium strength. Enough to get your blood flowing and your body heating, but not too much so you end up drenched in sweat. Which is enjoyable sometimes, but not at 7.30 in the morning! 😉

In this episode Sarah talks about the element of water. She describes it as gentle yet strong, never deterring from it’s course. Just like her!

Water’s movement on the Earth is controlled by the moon and so she explains that she “will be looking at the Lunar, more feminine aspect, during this practice”. She then leads us into moon salutations. As a yoga teacher myself, I have definitely practiced my fair share of sun salutations, but I have never heard of moon salutations. This was very interesting to me, and I loved them! If you could describe yoga as sweet, then moon salutations were sweet! Sarah lead us through the movements and connects them to breath. She was very concise in her descriptions and I had no trouble following her.


When I first starting yoga, a few years ago, I would sometimes have issues following teachers if they were not detailed about the movements.

Sometimes I felt like they expected us to already know what to do, which back then I most certainly did not. So, as Sarah was leading us through this lunar flow, I was grateful that I could easily follow. I barely even had to look at the screen to see what she was doing. Have you ever had similar issues? What did you think of Sarah’s moon salutations? Let’s talk! – G

If you’re really feeling this episode, and want to see the full version, guess what, you can get it FREE for streaming and download.



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