Finding the Moment's Wealth



“What’s wrong with right now unless you think about it?” – ‘Sailor’ Bob Adamson

This old money paradigm has to go. A system driven by “profit” commits the crime of not being beautiful enough–beautiful in joy, connection, growth, understanding, interdependence, the spontaneous use of creative intelligence. A state in which vibrant beings are automatically sustained by the energetic surround, yet multiple fulfilling and profoundly creative endeavors claim the attention and joyful connections abound, is vividly remembered. Yet I, we, must have consented to accept this constraint long enough to shake it off, to decide that it is no longer needed or beneficial, to do the math and balance the equation.

At this particular moment, evidence of abundance surrounds me–vibrant space, sunlight, lovely furnishings, a serene setting, adequate food and water, a healthy body, plants and animals, sky and earth. So why, when looking at the checkbook, do the small numbers seen there cause so much unrest? Who decided that those numbers are more valid than the cavorting of the body’s cells, the ongoing dance of energies and electrons and silences and raptures? Well, there are plenty of stories about how that happened, how we came to this push pin on the map. Fair enough.

There is a rift here, something that needs to be healed. The little numbers that do not say who we are or how we matter need to take their proper place as a curiosity, then fade into obsolescence. We need to restore the real value of each moment. It’s time to write a new story; that old volume is tattered and threadbare.

Let’s start now. Let’s write the first line, and live it: We are love.



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