Founding of the International Tribunal for Natural Justice


“The International Tribunal for Natural Justice is a body of knowledgeable, active and committed individuals seeking to act in harmony with the fundamental laws of the Universe. These laws are inherent, meaning they existed before humanity, and will continue to do so now and into the future. By seeking for, and gaining knowledge of these fundamental laws from experience itself, an awareness of objective morality is developed, and a duty is placed on such individuals to become an agent for Natural Justice; the ITNJ seeks to be one of these agents. As we are living on a planet ravaged by deception, coercion and piracy, only the people themselves can take up their creative prerogatives to correct tyranny and injustice when it is discovered.”

– Justin Deschamps

Milestones in the history of the ITNJ:

2011 — Law Commission sent to Ukraine as International Observers
4th July 2014 — Call for ratification of the ITNJ Treaty by the People
14th February 2015 — Proclamation establishing the ITNJ
15th June 2015 — Inauguration of the ITNJ at Westminster Hall
December 2015 — First hearings of the ITNJ
August 2016 — Announcement of first trial of the ITNJ
September 2016 — Final hearing in the matter of National Child Protection Alliance (‘NCPA’) v Commonwealth of Australia

April 2017 — Announcement of the ITNJ Judicial Commission of Inquiry into Human Trafficking and Child Sex Abuse


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