Fractality of Sex Drugs & Rock n' Roll, Dan Winter – Face to Face with Sacha Stone

Prepare to be blown away by the cerebral dialogue of Dan Winter and Sacha Stone.  This 30-minute Face to Face interview covers multiple aspects of chemistry, physics, and sacred geometry to present evidence for the theory of holographic reality.

In addition, the modern youth’s seemingly rebellious acts of having sex, taking drugs, and partying hard is integrated into this understanding in a peculiar way.  The description here does not even scratch the surface of the knowledge exchanged in this enlightening discussion.

“When you have a bliss experience, in fact, it’s not only how you get an immune system, but it’s also how you charge your aura sufficiently to become immortal electric.  So it is biologically a necessity for survival to achieve bliss experience.” – Dan Winter

You seriously need to watch this interview:

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