FTW big update! We are growing and moving forward!

Here is a recent update from our amazing friends at Fix the World Organization and Hope.  It appears the QEG free energy technology continues to progress and more projects are now underway.


There’s lots to update everyone on; October is going to be a big month for the FTW!

Covered in this update:

-FTW is expanding and launching three new projects this month
-FTW is moving to set up our headquarters in Morocco
-Updates to FTW Business Plan coming soon
-Work continues on the QEG Project

FTW is Expanding our Operations and Launching 3 new projects!

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 2 years since we started this journey together with all of you! What began as a book of ideas written by 300 people from 37 countries has grown into a beautiful people’s joint venture with over 200,000 followers around the world. FTW is a humanitarian projects organization whose goal is to implement planet changing projects that are for the people and by the people. We have been holding plans for over 60 projects for the last year, and now it’s time to take some off the shelf! With the successful launch of our pilot project the QEG, we are now ready to expand our operations and launch three new projects to run alongside the continuing work on the QEG project. Here’s a sneak peak at the projects we will be launching in October:

  • Project Hope Rocks. Tesla Lives!
    FTW teams up with World Renown Artist Rock Demarco and Tesla Energy Solutions LLC who commissioned a painting of Nikola Tesla to raise funds for The Peoples free energy development and art therapy for children.
  • Project Water Circ. The People are Taking their Water Back!
    A project that addresses the water privatization problems and aims to use a simple solution that will save homeowners money and 15,000 gallons of wasted water per household per year. It is the peoples way to take our water back from the 600 billion dollar water industries and give it to the people in this world that need it most.
  • Project Kryptos. The People are Taking their Privacy Back!
    With the headlines over the last couple of years, it’s become common knowledge that our every move is being tracked and monitored. This project provides a solution that uses a military grade 256 bit AES to encrypt voice communications through your cell phone to give people back a stellar form of privacy that we’ve lost. It’s affordable, easy to use, and even the agencies can’t crack the code.

FTW is Moving to Morocco to Set Up Our Headquarters!

In October, HopeGirl is moving to Morocco to set up our FTW headquarters!  Many businesses are leaving the US because of increasing regulations and expenses that make it nearly impossible to thrive. Considering the types of projects that FTW intends to implement around the globe, it is imperative that we do business in an environment that allows us more freedom and mobility in our business transactions.  We’ve compared the different business climates in several locations and have chosen to set up our headquarters in Morocco for number of practical reasons.

-Morocco’s Free Trade Agreements and Tax Free Zones provide an easier flow of business
-Morocco’s strategically positioned to all of Europe and is considered the gateway to a growing economy in all of Africa.
-The cost of living is about 1/5 of the cost of living in the US
-Morocco encourages foreign investment and entrepreneurs to set up business in their country and provides several ways of easier access to do so
-The climate and weather are amazing!

FTW will be located in the Tangier/Tetouan area of Morocco on the Mediterranean Sea.  We will be in a beautiful developed area with plenty of sunshine, local markets, transportation, hotels, office space and great internet.

Morocco Camel

Picture taken in one of the coastal towns in the area of Morocco soon to be the location of FTW Headquarters.

Updates to FTW Business Plan to Reflect our Expansion and Changes- Coming Soon!

About 2 years ago FTW put out a New Paradigm Business Model  followed by a Business Plan that showed our financial plans for our organization start up. Included in this plan was our profit model that launches large projects that generate revenue which can  then be used to fund smaller projects that are intended to help heal the planet.  We had a Start-Up Capital budget intended to fund not just the admin operations, but also the launch of three projects intended to generate revenue and make the organization abundant and sustainable. We spent a year pitching our philanthropic business plan to numerous investors. 98% of all business plans are rejected by investors, and ours was no different. So we took a different approach, we crowdfunded our first project with great success.  When the Venture Capitalists said no, the People supported us. We now intend to continue to find creative ways to raise the start up capital needed to fully fund our organization and feel excited about the new opportunities that have recently presented themselves to us.

With the expansion of FTW now upon us, we will be updating our business plan to reflect the many changes that have occurred in the last two years.  Please look for this as soon as we can get it out! As a quick preview, while some of the details are now more defined, the basis of our plan remains the same. The three projects FTW will be launching in October will generate the revenue our organization needs to fund other projects to heal the planet while providing an immediate benefit to individuals who participate.

QEG: The Peoples Free Energy Project.

We started something big and have no intention of stopping! In a world where major corporations own and control everything, FTW provided a vehicle for The People to begin to take their power back from big industry. Through a magical formula of crowdfunding, opensourcing, and co-development in a freely shared environment, a movement of The Peoples Free Energy development began and is still going strong.

Through the QEG project:

-$75,000 was raised in crowdfunding to pay for the project
-160,000 people downloaded the plans to build an alternative energy device for co-development.
-Sixty QEG prototypes are now being built by teams around the world.
-Forty countries are developing small business units centered around producing their own energy.

These numbers are based on data that we can track through our own systems, however these are low estimates as the opensourcing nature of the project has created a momentum that is not always possible to track. Still, that’s a lot of people working towards the same goal, which means we are close to a breakthrough!  With so many teams working in their own individual ways, information is shared primarily through skype groups and QEG forums.  The QEG has a lot of “potential” (used here as an engineering technical term) that has all of those working on it continuously excited about some of their test results. Through its development process we’ve been learning how to light lightbulbs from the earth energy, and also from radiant energy found in the air.  We can feel magnetic pulses created through the QEG through magnets held in our hands.  We are using the QEG to tap into the resonant energy found in the ionosphere and watching the RF meters fly off the charts.

Each QEG team is independently formed and run, some are small groups of engineers, some are entire communities. All of them share the same thing: a passion for finding breakthroughs and financial support from those that believe in them.

For our part in all of this, James Robitaille who is the lead QEG Engineer for FTW, is working harder than I’ve ever seen him on the completion of phase three.  Luckily we’ve formed a solid partnership with the folks at Tesla Energy Solution LLC who have created a solid environment with the proper resources to allow James to continue to work on the QEG until he completes it, no matter what obstacles may come our way.

On a more personal note, James and his wife Valerie are losing their home in Pennsylvania.  They will be moving for the second time this year.  James will be able to continue his work on the QEG through the help of our partners at Tesla Energy Solutions.

So the QEG project continues to move forward, FTW is working on it, 60 teams around the world are working on it and we are getting closer every day. The QEG already works and has been shown to work by a group of engineers who will not release the technology. This behavior is an old way of doing business that we are trying to change. The teams working on the QEG inspired by the opensourcing of it by FTW are endeavoring to set an example of doing things a different way by sharing information. With all of this combined effort, it is only a matter of time now and someone will eventually break through. We are ready for it!

New Campaign! Please Help us Grow!

We are consolidating our previous crowdfunding campaigns into one joint effort to help us grow our new projects and to offer continued support to those of us working so hard on the QEG. If you would like to help out, please visit the campaign link below!


We are asking for Donations to help with the following:

$5,000 – Continued support for The QEG: The Peoples Free Energy Project. To assist with buying testing           equipment, and minimal living expenses for volunteering lead FTW QEG Engineer.

$5,000 – FTW Moroccan Business Entity Formation: Includes Bookeeping and legal fees for one year.

$2,000 – FTW Office space in Tangier Morocco, Rent for one year. (required for business start up)

$5,000 – Airfare to fly two FTW council members to Morocco for business start up

$3,000 – To help with the expenses of launching new projects. (one year of internet, software fees, phone bills, shipping set up, local transporation )

$2,000 – Paypal Fees an Fundrazr fees

$22,000 Total

Please support the Fix the World Organization if you can.

Here is the link to the article: http://hopegirl2012.wordpress.com/2014/09/29/ftw-big-update-we-are-growing-and-moving-forward/