The Future of Quantum Computing and Encryption


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Jason Bermas reports about Harvard University creation and testing of a new quantum computer that is capable of running at 51 Qubits.

This is the fastest quantum computing system ever built.

There is a race going on with quantum computing. These are quite different than regular binary computers in that they can hold information in more than two states at the same time.  At least in theory they are capable of being much faster than modern computers.

They have the potential to end encryption as we know it. This technology could go far beyond damaging basic encryption and could potentially disrupt things like cryptocurrencies.

“Lukin mentioned that the team is planning on using their technology to launch the famous Shor’s quantum algorithm. Equipped with an operational quantum computer, this algorithm can destroy modern encryption as we know it. This leaves many experts with the view that quantum computers could act as tools of mass disruption, if not destruction.” – ‘A New Breakthrough in Quantum Computing.’

This is something we need to look at, aside from the fact that these computers are being used as the pathway to artificial intelligence. Another achievement of Lukin’s team is they have created a new form of matter called time crystals.  These time crystals are a stable state of matter in the quantum world.

This is all incredibly complex, and we need to keep an eye on it.

One individual whose name comes up often in regards to quantum computing is Geordi Rose, one of the entrepreneurs who created the D-Wave system.

Geordi discusses how these computers might be tapping into other dimensions, and how there is a conspiracy theory around the ‘mandela effect.’

His new project is called Kindred. It is a new form of AI software that they say can do everything a human can, probably even better.

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