Is Our Generation Doomed, or Are We Just Getting Started? A Message From WECO


Written by WECO Team

Is our generation doomed, or are we just getting started? The blessings and plights of the 21st century.


What the hell is going on today? Are we the luckiest generation that has ever lived, or are we the most cursed?

Like any existential question, the answer has many flavors.

To begin, let’s take a step back in time and view our generation with some context.

A couple decades back things were not at all like today. People were afflicted with something that our generation can’t quite imagine; nearsightedness.

If you lived just a couple decades ago, your entire world, your entire horizon, would be isolated from most of the planet. Cultural labels like family, friends, towns, countries, cultures, religions separated you from your most basic humanity.

Like a robot you would have been programmed from birth with the exact life that was to be “lived.” Birth, school, college, work,work, work, and then death. On the weekdays you took caffeine to plow through until the weekends, and on the weekends you got wasted to forget the weekdays.

You were silently forced to fit into the weighted average. To blend into the formless shape called “people” created not just for you.

To do this you had to ignore your natural desires and abilities. If you didn’t you would have been rejected by that little group surrounding you.

You were taught to believe TV knew more than you did, and that the information they fed you was to keep you informed about the “real world”

You would grow up with a bunch of preconceptions that were completely outside of your awareness:

“This is my team”

“Others are losers”

“This is my side”

“ Others have no right to an opinion”

“This is my political party”

“Other humans in other countries are enemies”

And on

And on

And on…

It was a zero sum game: if you won, somebody lost.

In my opinion, this mindset has been the single source of all the negative emotions that have degraded and divided so many.

Instead of seeking Harmony, you would have been taught to chase money, fashion, prestige and all that illusionary stuff that exhausted you to death.

But now things are a little different.

Over the last twenty to thirty years our world has opened up. New technologies like the internet and cellular networks are connecting these once isolated reality bubbles. Forcing them to collide.

Today the internet has changed the game.

Good morning! Thanks to the internet the veil is lifted and the whole rigamarole is revealed. Now you see how you have been fed the poison of cultural identification and been encouraged to keep yourself in a tiny box. To be attached to the routine you hate by a mortgage that is as fake as its implied sense of ownership.

But with this realization comes new insight. Now you finally see that which is not you, so you can begin to look inside yourself, and find that which is. You could call it Soul, Character, Personality; I call it the True Self. Behind the semantics there is a human being with strengths and weaknesses, ups and downs, talents and needs. And let me tell you, that box is far too small for the Truth of your Self.

And when you combine two humans in their truth, with all their uniqueness fully expressed, 1 and 1 no longer equals 2, they form an 11. They combine their talents in a collaborative dance of their full expression and something magical happens.

When each human learns to play their unique self, the result is an emergent song, a unified verse. And when we all relish in the beauty of that one song we create an ecosystem where we all can’t help but thrive.

Utopia? I don’t think so. Instead let’s fantasize that we individually start to care about one another, our planet and our future, to enjoy the real things in life, to only use that which the True Self desires as opposed to what’s in fashion or what’s expected of us.

Imagine a world where our businesses are aimed at solving someone’s real problems, our governments are held transparent and responsible for their actions and our educational system is aimed at solving today’s challenges.

What if we learned to free our natural instincts to do, to be a good person and to enjoy life?

I don’t mean the superficial enjoyment of Fridays, Saturdays and 2-week paid vacations. I refer to exploring yourself and the world to the fullest, consuming natural foods, humanly interacting with people, to be close to the earth and your own true nature and to utilize your talents to genuinely solve someone’s problems.

But how do we do this?

There are hundreds of thousands of us, awakened to our truth, ready to make this dream a reality. But how can we bring our talents and passions together?

The Solution?

The power of the internet gives us the ability to connect with anyone anywhere.

Our world has its fair share of challenges. But for every problem, big or small, there are hundreds of amazing people ready to solve it. We are ready for change, bursting with untapped potential waiting for an opportunity to be called out. Waiting for a tribe who shares our passion and is ready to act.

This is why my team and I created Weco, an online platform which will finally bring our talents and inspiration together, and let anyone, with the help of everyone, change the world.
Weco is a social network that finally connects you with the people who “get it,” so together you can work towards your collective vision. Weco makes living your purpose a lifestyle, on one simple platform anyone can use.
With profile creation, Weco scraps the old idea of an unnatural resume and makes finding a job or “project” fun. It is not to market your degrees or certificates, it is to demonstrate your ability and passion.
We know that the journey of finding your tribe is just as important as the goal. You can find life changing events to be apart of, exciting projects to join and rockstar team members to unite. All can be found in an instant with search.
As you use Weco it will automatically link you with people ready to act on your shared vision. People who have the passion and drive for the projects we all believe in. And the excitement and devotion to grow and create together.
Your newsfeed is all about doing. If you comment on a problem, expect to get three back on how to solve it. The newsfeed makes sure you stay on track. With Information straight from global project leaders. Inciting collaborative action with the movers and shakers themselves.

Welcome to Weco: a new social platform for a new age. An age of collaboration and world peace.

We are so excited to see what you and your team come up with. And how deeply you will impact the world.

See you on Weco.


The Weco Team

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