Greg Paul | New Earth Project Director | Simon on the Sofa hangout


Please enjoy this amazing and informative interview of New Earth Nation Director Greg Paul with Simon on the Sofa. – JD

Simon on the Sofa is a web show capturing “Tansparent Conversations” with “Magical People” (Just like You) from all walks of life; supporting humanities awakening out of fear and into love through the embodiment of transparent communication. To support, inspire and educate as we collectively evolve and co-create new realities amongst the chaos and wonder of this mystery we call life. For more information please visit Simon’s page @



Streamed live on Dec 2, 2014

▶ Greg Paul | New Earth Project Director
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New Earth Nation is founded in recognition of the supremacy of consciousness, the unity of all life and the undeniability of the individual sovereign condition.

New Earth Communities offer a dynamic and realistic path towards the most monumental reclamation project in the history of our species. As truly sovereign men and women, residents of new earth communities are invited to participate in a real-time experiment in conscious evolution; to push the boundaries of human expression and creativity, and explore new and innovative means of peaceful cooperation and harmonious living.

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