Healing Ourselves, Healing Our World: Non-Dual Spirituality and Global Transformation


Written by faculty of the School of Consciousness & Spirituality, New Earth University

The indivisibility of consciousness and matter has long been claimed by ancient spiritual traditions and is now being likewise asserted by modern science. If in fact consciousness and matter are indivisible, existing as an interconnected continuum rather than two separate domains, there are radical implications not only at the spiritual and scientific but also at the social levels. What are these implications?

  • Material and social governance must be grounded in a spiritual consciousness (i.e., individuals, the collective, and natural forces/resources exist in a unified web of life; our economics and ecology must respect and reflect that)
  • Spiritual practitioners and social activists need to join forces, as spirituality and social transformation need to go together
  • Non-dual spirituality and evolutionary transformation, in particular, need to be synthesized, and brought into co-creative synergy
  • Subtle-energy level and psycho-energetic balancing as the intermediating key, in the spectrum of consciousness, energy and matter
  • At all these levels, the balancing and unification of masculine and feminine qualities of consciousness is a central factor

If the ancients have always known that consciousness and matter are indivisible, what makes it such a revolutionary idea today, one with the potential to save our world?



Firstly, because science, which for centuries has denied it, is now coming around to confirm the same view. The recognition of this fundamental spiritual truth of interconnection and Oneness by science can serve as a tremendously fertile platform to reverse its destructive misuse and apply its now highly-developed potentials to creating a truly sustainable and life-supporting society.

Secondly, in the face of the enormous conflicts and crises facing us, it represents a vision that can unite us, a basis for global social transformation, healing the rifts between religions and ethnic divisions, and the gross inequalities that have resulted from a sense of separation and competition. The spiritual recognition of interconnection and Oneness revolutionizes the worldview and priorities that underlie our social relations, our economic systems and ecological approaches, bringing us together as one global family.

Thirdly, while the ancients taught that spirit and matter are one, it is particularly now that we are starting to understand this Oneness in a dynamic, evolutionary manner, not as the end of the line in the spiritual journey. We do not “disappear” into Oneness when we realize it but become co-creative with it. Spirituality is not the denial or transcendence of life, but a tremendous invitation to contribute actively to the evolving expression of the Divine in the world, including the creative evolution of our social systems.

Fourthly, we have now gained access to a more integral vision of what spirituality means, and how to embody it in our own personal healing and psychological development. Spirituality is being “democratized” as we learn ways to access our own inner healing, growth and evolution, to develop our unique creativity and, through new processes of co-creative communication and collective presencing, use it as a bridge to collective action with others. We are at a point in our evolution where we are no longer constrained to conform to the dogmas and institutions of outer authority, but are learning to access our own higher potentials directly and offer our creative gifts to the Whole. This is supported by a far greater understanding of synergistic processes and unified-field dynamics than has ever existed before.

Recognizing and mastering the link between consciousness, energy and matter gives us, as nothing else can, the power to radically change our world. By aligning with our Source in Consciousness, and with the subtle-energy quantum field through which it acts, we harness the greatest possible power within us to change and heal our world. At a time when, more than ever before, it is absolutely critical that we act, it is equally critical that we harness this deepest power available to us to do so.




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