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Health and wellness is a state of being which arises only when we move beyond the unhealthy habits and destructive thought forms which we too easily permit, embracing instead conscious focused attention and beneficial practice. The following exercises are highly recommended as daily practice for a healthy, happy life.

Conscious Deep Breathing (CDB)

10 Minutes – Morning and Evening

4487fcdacf7313f8fd6402Breathe through a wide open mouth. Fill the lungs to capacity. Hold for the count of ten then slowly and easily let the breath out. During this practice let your mind rest in a peaceful place alone with nature.

Results – There will be less stress build-up and things around you will seem to move easier.

Self Talk

Use five minutes each morning and evening after CDB exercise for your self talk. Think of and list all your positive qualities. Begin to describe yourself in self-affirming tones. Fake it till you feel it.

Results – You will begin to build a positive ID, replacing all non-productive core beliefs.


As often as possible, and for as long as possible, take off your shoes and walk on the grass. Wear shoes without rubberized shoes, and use grounding mats at your workstation and in your bed.

Results – You will feel more relaxed and peaceful.


Develop a regular exercise pattern, morning or evening. This routine should be at least 30 minutes. Walking, running, jogging, weight training, dancing, aerobics, push-ups are all great.

Results – An immediate sense of emotional well-being, mental clarity, an increase in energy and performance levels. For those who want to lose weight – exercise is a great fat burner.


Unconditional Self Acceptance

Ties in with all the above.

Results – You will begin to make better life choices and reap their productive benefits.


Use 15 minutes per day to dream and affirm your grandest potential. Do not permit any doubts to encroach on these sessions.

Results – Life will begin to bring opportunities your way. Inner peace and prosperity.

A Spirit of Generosity

Make giving a habit. You always have something to give or to share – time, goodwill, love etc.

Results – Immediate increases in prosperity and well-being.


Trust is a vital element of our daily practice. It is by accepting ourselves and the rest of our universe as our only reality and support. Learning to trust yourself completely gives you the foundation to stand and interact with the rest of life from a position of strength.

By trusting ourselves implicitly we establish the basis from which all of our needs are met.


Practicing With Purpose

Many practitioners worry about whether their practices – such as Deep Conscious Breathing, Self-Talk, or Nutrition – can really make a difference in their lives. What we encourage is to fake it until it manifests. Life is all about pre-tending – tending things before they happen. Your first step is to identify a valid purpose for creating a new model of increased self-awareness. If you cannot identify why and for whom you are creating this new model then why are you bothering to work on it at all? With increased respect for your life, you develop increased respect for all lives.

Your project stakeholder is SELF and you are investing time and energy in self to meet the desires of self. You deserve to have optimum results and you will if you give it your best shot. The amount of time you spend on The Practice will be the exact equivalent of the benefits you reap as you go along.



54c2b257bf1c5.imageThe Practice must become a life-long companion tool kit. Whenever you drop it, you will also forfeit its benefits of prosperity and goodwill. Everything you create, and reap the benefits of, will need to be maintained over time through The Practice.

You will need to consider the impact of these changes on your life and then act accordingly. If you decide to keep these new models then you clearly have less work to perform to support the same changes, making you more agile because you are a happier traveler.


Rapid Feedback

The time between an action and the feedback on that action varies according to the individual and the strength of his or her convictions, beliefs and practices. Spend time to analyze results, or to tweak your unique practice to meet your own needs. Identify even small changes in the process.


Assume Simplicity

As you develop you should assume that the simplest solution is the best solution. Don’t over intellectualize, don’t criticize yourself. Keep your mind on your goals.


Embrace Change

Requirements evolve over time. Changes that may take place as you develop your new self-awareness might not always feel comfortable but trust that they will always be for the best in the long run.

Example: You might lose a job that was causing you a lot of stress. However, if you stay true to your practice and your goals, you will find that other more suitable opportunities open to you, reflecting changes in response to your new self-awareness.


Incremental Change

12567cfAn important concept to understand with respect to modeling the true YOU, is that you don’t need to get it right the first time. Dig in the ground, practice, practice, practice and evolve it over time in an incremental manner.

Prosperity through self-awareness is your primary goal.

Any activity that does not directly contribute to this goal should be questioned and avoided if it cannot be justified in this light. Factors that you need to consider include your selection of friends, the places you frequent, and the nature of your effort itself.


Your Practice Cannot Fail

In short, when you are working on your new model you need to keep an eye on inner goals.

Some negative beliefs, behaviors, attitudes and practices have been adopted over time through extreme programming and life experiences, which in turn must be supplanted by positive daily practices. These practices will in time set new beliefs resulting in positive behavior patterns.

You reap what you sow.

Originally posted @ New Earth Institute – Academy of Health & Wellness


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