Have You Heard of Access BARS?


Written by Andrea Lazenby, Faculty, School of Consciousness & Spirituality at the NewEarth University
So you say you are fed up, can’t sleep, can’t think straight, no one gets you, you are stuck in a rut, your body aches, you’re anxious, can’t focus & got no clarity!!!!
How’s that working for you?
Well, what if I told you that there is a simple effective treatment that can change all of that…and more besides!
“That’s not possible,” I hear you say: “Surely I would have already heard about this treatment.”
People who have experienced this treatment report: more body ease, restful sleep, more smiling and laughing, more creativity, and an outlook that is brighter & more optimistic… if you want to stay stuck, don’t choose this.
In the words of Captain Jack Sparrow aka Johnny Depp…
The problem is not the problem,
the problem is the way you are looking at the problem.
We often hear that our belief creates our reality; reality does not create one’s belief. But how much do we actually believe that? To the extent you believe that… is the creative juice that is created, and thus creates the different life you desire.
Access BARS is a dynamic treatment that can help. Developed by Gary Douglas 30 years ago, it is now found in 173 countries. Dr Fannin, a Neuroscientist in California, USA has recorded and submitted scientific reports to validate the treatment.
BARS can change beliefs, emotions and physical conditions.
Personally, after having read many self-help and self-discovery materials, I ‘knew’ the new ideas of being in the now, and of reaching for the best feelings and thoughts. But how do you actually “do” this? I couldn’t do it! The more I read the more discouraged I became. I couldn’t just stop thinking my limiting thoughts and feelings of heavy emotions.  As soon as I began the amazing BARS treatment then my whole life started to change. Everything was easier. I didn’t have to ‘think’ my way out of my funk. When I laid down on the table for treatment and had points on my head touched, I achieved a level of peace and calm I had never experienced.
So what is it?
BARS is not an acronym. The energetic structures that go through your head and over the top of your head are shaped like a bar i.e., they are Straight. Where these Bars exit are the points that are gently touched.
It’s a hands-on-the-head technique that touches 32 points (on the head) that can literally change your life. (see photo)
The technique alters the brain wave patterns. It puts the brain into a deep meditative state. While the brain is in that state it can shut down and delete programmes that are not productive to expansive living. There is no need to examine or have an intention about what you require to change in your life… your body, your relationships, and your money flows. The entirety of you, knows.
There are no contra-indications, no age restrictions, and no medical diagnosis label restrictions.
BARS is easy and effective.
Wishing you ease in life.
Andrea Lazenby
Transformational Facilitator at NewEarth University

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