How To Make Your Own Plant Based Milk In 3 Minutes

How about a vibrant, nutritious, healthy, nutty, smooth and perfectly thick glass of Brazil nut milk ? Or why not a super tasty chocolate milk that tastes like all of your chocolate dreams pooled together.

Here is how you can make this every morning in less than 3 minutes.

And as always, I recommend to use only organic and fresh ingredients.


1 table spoon of Brazil Nuts
500 ml Water (0,5 L)
2 pitted dates (Not necessarily, only if you wish to make chocolate milk)
1 tea spoon of raw cacao powder (Not necessarily, only if you wish to make chocolate milk)


A blender
A strainer (not necessarily a must!)


The only preparation you need to do is to soak some nuts in water over night.

Alternatively, if you like to make this milk every day, you can keep various nuts soaked nuts in your fridge continuously. But if you choose to do so; Remember to change the water at least once every day or two. As long as the water is changed, the nuts will not go bad for up to 2 weeks.

nut in the fridge


Step 1 – Place one full table spoon of soaked nuts in a blender 

Brazil nuts and walnuts can be used directly, almonds could possibly be peeled if you are bothered by the skin.


Step 2 – Add 500 ml of water


If you wish to make some super delicious chocolate milk; you can simply add 1 tea spoon of raw cacao powder, and 1-2 pitted dates before proceeding to step 3.

Step 3 – Blend it on full speed for 2-3 minutes, pour it up and enjoy


If you want the milk to be less thick and perhaps more smooth (completely without nut remnants), you can pour the milk through a strainer to get rid of possible nut remnants.

If you do use a strainer however; don’t through the nut remnants away because it is a great starting material for making Plant based yogurt. All you really need to do is to add a few table spoons of plant based pro-bacteria (such as rejuvelac) to the nut remnants and a little bit of water and let it stand over a few hours. That is however a completely different recipe.

For now, I hope you will enjoy your home made plant based milk / chocolate milk : )

– Mehdi Nodehi

Originally posted @ Iterated Reality



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