How To Make Your Own Water To Fuel Converter

Yes, you read it correctly and it’s real.  Clean, abundant, and renewable Fuel has been one of the main issues present in our over-perpetuated industrial era.

However, you can easily convert your own water into fuel by following these basic steps.

Welcome to the new paradigm.

The video above will give you very detailed information, and the exact blueprints, on how to construct your own water fuel converter which can be used to make hydrogen gas out of plain water.

Skeptics will of course tell you its ‘scientifically impossible’.

But as a biochemist myself, I’ll tell you it is absolutely possible.

Also; Stanley Meyer did it.

Denny Klein did it.

John Kanzius did it as well.

Even the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory has done it!

There is a long list of other people who have done it too.

Just research online and go deep into the rabbit hole; you will find a plethora of evidence to support this claim.

Now, the worlds first saltwater powered car has gotten approval to be introduced into the European market.

Check out the QUANT e-Sportlimousine by nanoFLOWCELL AG.

Let’s all consciously usher in this energy revolution!

If this by any chance inspires you to make the water to fuel converter from the instructional video above, then please keep me posted on the results. I’d love to know how it went and help you to spread information about your work.

Stay cool and stay centered folks.


-Mehdi Nodehi

Originally posted @ Iterated Reality



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