If Everyone Watched This Video, Reality TV Shows Would Be Out of Business

Written by Arjun Walia

This is a great depiction of the time span of a human life and what most of us spend our time doing. It can be a shock to some of us to visually see what we truly spend our time doing. From the day we are born so many of us seem to follow the same routine without ever questioning our existence, what’s happening on our planet and the true nature of reality. We can sometimes spend so much time doing mindless things in our lives instead of living and experiencing all this world has to offer. So often the elderly express regrets about what they didn’t do when they were younger.

It’s a great reminder to live in your heart, follow your dreams and enjoy the journey. Be yourself and accept whatever experience life may throw at you. Use these experiences as stepping stones because they are the experiences you need at a higher level in order to grow. Let go of what drags you down and move forward.

How many jelly beans will you spend? Doing what?

Make your beans count!

Originally posted @ Collective Evolution

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