In Majestic Beauty & Divine grace

In Majestic Beauty & Divine grace, Angel torchbearers dance together, each sacred presence a Divine reminder that we are not alone. Patiently & longingly awaiting a signal of acknowledgment ever guiding, guarding & unconditionally loving every Soul toward Heaven heart space sacredness.

The subtle sparkle of emanating light from Divine Angel hearts radiates, permeating the planet & anchoring the love deep into Gaia’s loving embrace.

Upon humble human invitation, celebration abounds as heart chakra’s open one by precious one to authentic truth, surrendering to rightful destiny & transforming shadow into beaming light. Pulsating frequencies of love erupt, breaking open the hardened shell of pain & grief, ever nurturing vulnerable souls into Oneness & God’s light.

I see you. I acknowledge you, I thank you, I love you.


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