In The Name of Sovereignty


Resource from the NewEarth University School of Natural Law ~ gratitude to the author, a living man – Corbin

All court systems from local to constitutional level operate in commerce under admiralty law, the law of the seas. These laws are known as legislative and statutory laws and at the higher levels they are known as admiralty law. In order for people to be governed and controlled by these laws which operate in commerce, the government needs to create a fictional corporate identity for individuals, by creating a trust in their name via their birth certificate registrations in the same way a ship is berthed, a human is birthed into commerce. This is done unwittingly by the parents registering their children without any disclosure by the governing bodies.

The court is an independent corporation which operates for profit under admiralty law and gets paid by gaining access to the bond created by the birth certificate registration process. For them to apply these laws to individuals they require our consent and ask you to identify yourself as “the name” (your strawman) in their private court rooms, by doing this you are unknowingly consenting to give them jurisdiction over you and acknowledge your corporate identity, your ID document.

The implications on society is that over time the bankers who control the courts have hijacked the judiciary and protected public servants who commit acts of treason by placing commercial law above that of human rights. Unless you consent to their jurisdiction, technically there is nothing that they can do to you.

The fact is that legal jurisdiction operates by consent. But in my case, they went beyond their lawful rights and still incarcerated me for three months without any victim making any claim under common law and without my consent. The reason why I refused to let them unlawfully take my rights away is because as a sentient living breathing human being, I do not consent to being treated as a corporate entity and unlawfully being subjected to commercial law which is the legislation of corporations.


Let me share my prison story…

I am/being/live in the geographical area called the Republic of Kanata ….. Not the foreclosed/dissolved fictional Corporate for profit operating a slavery system “Canada Inc” masquerading as for the peoples “Governments” governing minds.

I was arrested/kidnapped by the Corporate for profit Royal Canadian Mounted police (RCMP) aka (the royal kings and queens Canadian edition horseman enforcers of slaves) against my will, without my consent, under protest and duress, physically, mentally, emotionally, morally abused, locked in maximum security prison simply because I refused to submit/consent to orders (in the name of the queen(“Crown” for profit corporation)) of throwing away (polluting) a perfectly good beverage I paid for with my hard earned worthless fiat currency monopoly money from a foreclosed/dissolved corporate for profit enforcement officer enforcing Babylonian civil (roman) “Act’s and Statutes” who was acting/pretending to be a honest/honorable/hard working ‘peace officer’ serving the people. When I asked them if they were Peace officers, they said yes….. But when I asked them if they had seen me breach the peace….. They preferred to remain silent. I also asked them to provide ID, their business card and badge #. Their preferred to not give that information also, but wanted all my private information when they had not even seen me breach the peace. I thought we are all equal….So…. In return, I also refused to give them the “name” which is owned by the “state” they needed in order to “identify” me as a corporate person slave. Basically a “citizen” on their “ship” … That is not me. I am not a name, a piece of plastic or paper, a number, a corporate person slave (citizenship) in their fictional corporate Maritime Admiralty law world (corporatocracy). I did not/do not consent to any of it. And I never will. Who wants to be a slave and bow to a fictional authority? Not me! No thank you!

The Offer

I went through four judges and was incarcerated for three full months in a maximum security prison simply because I refused to “submit”, to “stand up”, and to “accept” an “offer” to “contract” and “do business” with a foreclosed/dissolved administrator’s office (a judge enforcing commercial law in a “corporate for profit court”). In their “legalese language”, it’s called “obstruction of Justice”. In our plain English language it means…. Do what we tell you to do slave…. And don’t do what we do. It means “consent” and “submit” to do “business with us” so we can administer/have access/and profit from the bonds attached to your fraudulent birth certificate/slave #/ cusip #(the red # in back of your null & void/foreclosed/good-for-nothing birth certificate), while acting/pretending to be an “honorable” Judge serving real justice. The enforcing officer and judge basically said…..Now…. If you don’t do what we tell you to do (submit/consent/take the offer/do business with us), we’ll pretend/ acting that you are the crazy one and try to send you for a psychiatric evaluation and/or send you to prison for 3 months so you can think things over. That’s how we “honorable people do business” around here on this “stage” (acting/Act’s). And if you catch on to our “ACT’s”…. we panic and don’t like stuff like that! It creates much cognitive dissonance! Do you understand?

Nope/Non-Acceptance/NO Consent to Slavery

I said………. No……your “honour”…..You are “acting” kinda crazy/funny yourself….. Because…. You can’t force me to do/sign ANYTHING. That would be called SLAVERY! I’m not “buying” your “BUSINESS”! And I am sorry….. But I don’t understand why you would “think” I would be stupid/crazy enough to “submit” and “accept” your “offer”. I do not “stand under you” because I am not your slave dear “administrating actor” and I do not “submit to” and/or “recognise” your fictional “Piece de theatre/ acting” authority. I don’t want to do business with you because I was “dragged” here by a ‘peace officer’ who did NOT see me breach the peace in the first place and who BREACHED MY PEACE. Besides, you all have a certain reputation for being deceitful, don’t give full disclosure, are guilty of treason and committing fraud, you give really bad service (shitty roads, health care, justice, governance, education, division, etc,etc), you don’t give any consideration in exchange in your offers and I have proof here that your place of business is FORECLOSED/DISSOLVED because you are guilty of treason for operating a slavery system. Unless there is a flesh and blood victim who makes a claim under common law….. Only GOD can judge ME! Being peacefully free and celebrating life is not a crime! This pretty much sums up the message of what I said when I appeared in front of those four judges.

SOVEREIGN “Pope” makes the lamestream news in French Acadian Newspaper!

In the same newspaper, on the VERY SAME DAY I was released from prison, there is an article about the SOVEREIGN Pope Francis. Yes…… it says it right there in the article. He can be a sovereign, who also happens to be guilty of crimes against humanity, but I have to spend 3 months in prison to prove I am SOVEREIGN…. King of my own domain! Isn’t that something! I know something…. I was born a FREEMAN/ SOVEREIGN Soul…. And when the REAL ME leaves this physical “vessel”……. I will live on…… A FREE SPIRIT!

The Truth Is…

You see our “governments”, “law enforcement”,” banking” and “judicial” system has nothing to do with real ‘natural Justice’….. Nothing in it is Natural. It’s about money and control. The only thing they care about is honouring/balancing the books and profiting from peoples ignorance while supporting an unlawful debt monetary system and increasing national fictional debts of nations. Their modo is…. Do what we tell you to do…. But don’t do what we do. Clearly, Sovereign Soul I am wants to be free and does not resonate well with that. Just because we have and are governed and subjected unlawfully to commercial Babylonian Roman Empire laws pretending to be catholic religion man made laws meant to enslave the mass and profit the few…… It does NOT mean we should obey and respect them. Disobedience to tyranny is obedience to each other…. to GOD… To the divine beings that we are! There is NO REAL NATURAL REASON to bow to a FICTIONAL AUTHORITY! They are NOT God’s! We are free to recognize a Social “CODE” which is to (CO=Consciously, DE=Deceive) in a system based on “trust” (“In trust” between them) as a social “code” and NOT the Divine Word. We are free to cut away from false prophets and rules and get down to fundamentals. NO FICTIONAL authority can override the Truth.

The truth is…… We are Sovereign sentient beings having human experiences and no one or any situation can ever take that away from us. We all have inalienable god given rights endowed to us by our creator. We have the right to abundance, freedom, prosperity, love, dancing, and singing and just plain celebrate life as we please. We must obey the laws of nature (natural law) which is pretty simple and means “All you need is LOVE dododododo” and common law which means what is good for the common good of all, not for the good of a few and of corporate interest. The truth is….I am FREE! I have No bank account, no credit cards, no credit lines, no mortgage, no “licenses”, no car or student ”loans”, no registrations, no income taxes, no “accounting”, no filing papers and counting or reporting numbers for nothing, no power bill, no tv/cable, no water/sewer tax bill, no paying taxes to pay back fictional municipal, provincial/ federal loans that don’t exist and no fee explanation fee’s and that’s the way I like it! Why support a system that does not work for me and the people? As long as there are king and queens…. There will always be slaves. Here’s a reminder and good affirmation for all!

I am not a piece of paper/ a number/ a piece of plastic or paper/ chattel/ or a corporate person slave and NO ONE OWNS ME! A Free Spirit Sovereign Soul I am! King of my domain, and I bow to no one! I serve the Divine and the people not banks or corporations! (Repeat mantra!)


The truth is…..Many of our Brothers and sisters in our communities around the world have been keeping very BIG deceitful secrets in a system based on Trust (you know…. “In TRUST”….between them). They are ALL actors pretending and due to the awakening and lawful actions undertaken by the people around the globe, they are very afraid of a REVOLUTION.

What drives me? Why did I do it (stand up to the beast)? What were my goals and motivations?

Well…. I am driven by compassion and the force of love drives out the fear. Seeing the end result of all our efforts united and seeing what an evolution can do for the people once we have awakened the giants within and reclaimed our power, our liberty and our sovereignty is what really drives me. To see that we are very close to co-creating the end scene in Avatar (a lawful intervention) is what drives me! I now see that those who do harm to any living being including the raping of mother earth will see their day in a Lawful International Tribunal of Natural Justice and Common Law Courts! The Natural Laws of Karma has a way of taking care of those things. And no one is above those laws! Sometimes… you just need to give them a little rope….. sit back…. and watch by letting karma do its thing.

Why did I do it? I did it because someone has to stand for Real Natural Justice and for the common good of all…. Someone has to beat a new trail and every ground I gain, will have broken trail for those who want to walk the same path. I did it to tell them to join us. I did it because I am not a number, a corporate person, a piece of paper or plastic, chattel and no one owns me. And no one has the lawful right to give me orders unless he/she is ready to do “business” with lawful terms and conditions, full disclosure, consideration, and a lawful agreement between 2 flesh and blood beings. I did it because I was NOT willing to yield an inch of my inalienable God given rights. I was not willing to consent/submit to being enslaved by a fictional authority because I am a spiritual sentient being sovereign soul having human experiences. The only REAL authority I listen to is to the orders of the Divine. I serve the Divine and the people not Banks or fictional corporations. That is it …that is all!

My goal was to make sure they know that I do not recognize their fictional Authority! My goal was to put them (the dark ones) on Notice like I did many times before and like many other people are now doing all around the world and tell them to shape up or ship out. Take the red pill or the blue pill. We see the wizard behind the curtain now. I did it to tell them there is no place for their fear based ego driven world in the New Earth heart based world we are building. Where the ego speaks no more….. And all hearts are all heart!


We are seeing “the end of days”. Not the end of the world….But more the end of an old world. It was an age where “they” (ego masculine energy) believed that man/women “must” be “told” what to do by “higher fictional powers” because man/woman is/ was incapable of thinking/feeling for him/ herself and manage his/her own affairs. Those who held tight control over us are trying to do the impossible. Holding on to an old age and old ways is like trying to stop spring and summer from coming. It’s impossible! The tides have turned! Full speed ahead now! As we awaken… we see that many story’s “TOLD” were in fact the greatest story’s (lies) ever “SOLD”.


Even though I was in prison… the prison was not inside of me. I had a great time in their motivating and teaching the other prisoners and prison guards many truths about government, religion, money and the judicial/law enforcement “system” and more. I played guitar and sang for my brothers in the recreational room, I taught yoga & meditation, wrote lyrics, read good books and held one on one consultations at my prison cell door for my brothers and guards in need! It was a great opportunity to shine a light on many things in a BIG way! It was also a good way to get dark ones on their toes again because of a warning the banksters/lawyers story I did a few years back! It was a delightful sight to see. I just needed to give them some rope! But…..That’s another story!

I believe in truth, peaceful non-compliance, non-violence and a forgiving moral. It is and was easy for me to forgive them because they are lost Souls; they are filled with fear, under a lot of pressure, stress, regrets and have many wounds to heal like the rest of society oppressed by this system. How can you do good when you don’t even feel good yourself? I prefer to hopefully educate, forgive and guide/ show them to a new way! Instead of fighting them, I prefer to put them on Notice and I served them stand down/ cease and desist orders, we’ll forgive you and save face documents…… or continue to serve an International criminal organization, face treason charges, lose-face option…… It’s your Choice….. Take the red pill or blue pill kind of approach. Join the people now before it is too late and we start cleaning up shop with Our Lawful Intervention! Your time is up!


I believe anger and revenge has no place in this if we are to have a smooth transition towards the Golden age; A New unimaginably FREE Sovereign world of peace, unity, love, abundance and prosperity that works for everyone…. not just the select few.

To me….This is not about a revolution based on a fighting moral……. This is about a LOVE Evolution based on unlearning everything and re-educating the people along with a forgiving moral, a peaceful non-compliance and non-violence moral. I believe an effectively planned worldwide Lawful intervention with unconditional love and forgiveness (heart) of the enemy (EGO) is the remedy that will save the day. Also, real Justice must be served by the people in Lawful Natural and common law tribunals rather than relying on commercial courts protecting corporate interests. We all have the duty to end this oppression.

The Evolution will be won by the people! I can see/feel the celebration and immense release of pressure on all our Souls when we are truly all free from fictional bondage and this war against numbers. One day we will all realize that we are all one big family flying through space on spaceship earth! What a celebration it will be when we all make the transition from living in the EGO (me me me, the separation, and the fear) to living in our hearts…. On LOVE (WE, united, one love).

To our present leaders….the definition of prosperity is financial power, social favors and power and military might….

To the New Earth visionaries and leaders…..true prosperity is the ability to use the Divine’s ability and power to meet the needs of mankind!

Do not bow to your fearful minds….. We are much more than that! Let’s be strong and courageous together. Be fearless, Stand up and be counted together. Manifest and expect Miracles! Awaken the Giants within! We will succeed and it is inevitable!

May peace be with you and may the force be with you brave hearts!


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