In this moment of NOW

It seems that I am not the same person I was one year ago, or even 5 months ago. There are many internal changes I am going through that may be due to the energies or may even be caused by my own personal evolution. I use to log in each day to look for the latest updates by David Wilcock, Poof or Zap, Benjamin Fulford, Neil Keenan, Tolec, Sheldan Nidle, RV Latest, all of the most recent channelings of the galactics and beings from the higher realms and spirit realms.

None of that seems of any importance to me anymore. I just don’t seem to care anymore on what “he” says versus what “they” are saying. It appears if you’ve been following many of these articles these days some of these folks are attacking each other. Neil Keenan vs. Karen Hudes. Fulford attacking OPPT and everyone ganging up on SWISSINDO. Some say ZAP is now a disinfo agent and has stated multiple times over the past year the RV has “already happened”. The roller coaster that the RV will happen on Tuesday and if not by Friday each and every week. Wilcock still says mass arrests will take place because of his “prophetic dreams”. Sheldan has been pretty much saying the same exact message since 2006. Tolec said full disclosure by the summer of 2013 so he must be disinfo. “This” is real and “these people” are disinfo etc. etc. etc. etc….

Then there is the whole issue of President Obama and whether or not he is a “Lightworker” or a “Cabal Agent”. All of these topics and related articles to me seem like the same type of drama we’ve been living our whole lives in this 3D experience.  It’s time to UNITE!

What interests me now you say? Reading about the real and tangible work that’s being done and not so much what’s apparently going on “behind the scenes”. People that have stopped waiting on the so called heroes to come and save the day and started to build a new world and a new paradigm. Those that have begun creating a new reality. I now get excited to log in in the morning to see what new technological developments have been made to move humanity forward. What new grass roots movement is taking on the “Cabal” by creating a new world? Who is stepping outside the matrix and living in more of a positive 5D way.

I personally find it very difficult and sometimes get completely overwhelmed by all the responsibilities I have of working 40 to 60 hours per week, raising 3 kids, taking them to sleepovers and soccer games and other school related activities, taking care of 2 dogs including a 10 week puppy, finding time for my wife and house cleaning and yard work and grass cutting. I also have this awareness blog which does allow for creative expression and then to find time to volunteer several hours each week as Chief Editor of New Earth Media news.

For those on the fence about getting involved because you lead very busy lives well all I can say is that it’s easy to find time when you are helping build a new world for your family and the children of the future. If I could go back and do something different I wouldn’t change a thing. Making the sacrifices and working hard and dedicating my life to my family and also providing my service to humanity is what I was born to do and why I am here. I too was on the fence about getting involved with having such a busy life. But I can only now express the joy and satisfaction my soul feels with doing what is right in helping to make the world a better place. It is a life altering experience to send out to the universe what you want to create and the feelings in return are unlike anything else.

I believe we all go through the same progressions of an awakening soul. Some are just beginning their journey while others are further along. Some are reading and posting many of these articles each day to help others awaken while others are doing the internal work. And there are many other people doing the physical work and volunteering their time to help change the world. Everyone is exactly where they are supposed to be and everything is in Divine order and perfection.

For me there is no looking back at the things that use to provide joy and excitement. At the moment I am at peace and looking for what is pure and moves us forward in our evolution in what will inevitably become a shift in consciousness. Drama and all 3D types of experiences no longer hold a place in my heart. It’s time to see beyond the veil and look towards the future.

*(On a side note it appears I will be on the New Earth Nation Blog Talk Radio program tomorrow evening with some of the writers of New Earth News from 5PM Eastern U.S. Time until 7PM. Barring any unforeseen circumstances please feel free to tune in and check it out May 6th -Tuesday Evening. I will be providing links to the show on here when available)*





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