Individual & Absolute Sovereignty

As you begin or continue this journey to sovereignty, it is important to first understand that there are two degrees of sovereignty; individual sovereignty & absolute sovereignty.

Characteristics of Individual Sovereignty Characteristics of Absolute Sovereignty
·  Requires the conscious exercise of inherent natural rights ·  Transcends all concepts, including the concept of inherent natural rights
·  Is concerned with learning information and the application of knowledge ·  Is concerned with unlearning beliefs and the embodiment of wisdom
·  Is generally successfully embodied by those with a high degree of moral fortitude ·  Is successfully embodied by those from whom an enlightened ethic blossoms naturally without need for a moral code
·  Permits one to perform any act, which does not harm another man or woman, without regard to statutory regulations ·  Life performs each act through you, without the requirement for ‘personal’ regard to anything
·  Returns power to the individual ·  Arises from the absolute surrender of power
·  Gives one control over their own life path ·  Arises from the absolute surrender of control
·  Provides one with freedom of choice ·  Delivers one to freedom from choice

Individual Sovereignty

Individual sovereignty is the right and the ability to govern one’s actions independently. As a self-governing sovereign individual, one need endeavor to govern one’s behavior relating to their external environment and society according to natural law.

Because individual sovereignty is an inherent condition of human existence, it is the origin, and thus the authority, of all institutionalized forms of government. And thus, when such governments no longer serve the best interests of people and planet, it is the incumbent duty of all people of the world to declare such governments null and void and to declare themselves, each one, an individual sovereign entity, beholden to no governance save for their own.

Furthermore, as an individual sovereign, one’s deeds must reflect one’s words, and thus to exercise one’s inherent sovereign rights, completely, and without regard to the imposition of the statutory rules of those governments that they have declared to be void, is likewise the incumbent duty of all.

However, in exercising one’s inherent natural rights, when one has slept on them for the most part of their lives, it is likely that opposition may be encountered from those governments & institutions whose rules one once blindly followed. The degree of such opposition will accord to the level of one’s subservient belief structures. According to such level, one will be tested. This is unavoidable and this… is your crucible.

Absolute Sovereignty

Absolute sovereignty manifests as the condition of being invisible to anyone or anything which relies on the illusion of separation to support its existence (i.e. government). Its embodiment arises as a result of a natural outpouring of unconditional love.

In a very real sense we are each already absolutely sovereign. Absolute sovereignty is not something we DO and it is not something we claim, declare or assert. Nor do we have a right to absolute sovereignty… Why not? Because it is what we each already ARE. Absolute sovereignty is a state of being where all illusions have fallen away; where fear no longer exists…

Absolute sovereignty cannot be taught, it can only be realized. Any information relating to absolute sovereignty in this Academy serves only as a pointer toward that which one must realize for themselves.


Originally posted at New Earth Institute


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