Integrating Energy and Examining the Patterns of Synchronicity

Photo courtesy of Dr Ash, from her private collection

Written by Billy O’Brien

This past Saturday, was  8/8/2+0+1+5=8 …. Known to us as the Lion’s Gate Portal.  As we said in our article, it is an important time to set intentions and manifest your hearts desire. Gratitude becomes the glue that sets your intention from the astral realm to manifest in your 3rd dimensional reality.

Whether or not you chose to use the opportunity to allow time to work in your favor, we should examine the patterns and synchronicity that become present in our experience. By making the unconscious conscious, we become aware of these “coincidences” which remind us that we are on the correct path.  Heighten your awareness, and you can tune yourself into the miracles that quietly transpire for you.

One thing to keep in mind, is whenever you are tuning your mind into the astral realm, you must use gratitude to shield yourself from negative energy and outcomes. Tuning into this vibration opens you up to become more sensitive, to all energies – so it is imperative to practice love, kindness, generosity and gratitude to all. You will always receive what you give, so be sure to exercise your highest vibrations…this will allow you to earn all you are to receive, through effort from both the physical and astral realms.

It is also important to note, numerical patterns may start to come into your awareness, whether on the clock, a check, or receipt, you’ll find all sorts of reminders that something special is happening. Once you start to collect the synchronicities and patterns, you must be mindful and take good care in treating it sacred. Keep these moments in your heart, protected with love and gratitude. What is to follow, will be everything your heart has been asking for, and now is the time to allow it into form.

Through recent astrological events, we’ve been met with the Blue Moon at the turn of the month of August – this moon gave us the opportunity to clear our karmic debts, through forgiveness and understanding. We were provided reminders and insights to better allow us the opportunity to transform our perspective and find the diamonds within the rough coals of harsh experiences. By allowing us the opportunity to better identify and recognize these experiences and forces in our lives, we are given the opportunity to face it, transform the energy, and let go of it. It’s tough to let go of anything when you keep a tight grip, the grace we are given during these times is the fine art of letting go.

We were blessed with the opportunity to cleanse ourselves of all karmic debts, which was followed by a week of all sorts of energetic highs and lows led us to an important time of the Lion’s Gate Portal. Understanding the energies of this astral realm, we ask you to be fearless and full of love and gratitude in order for your own personal miracles to transpire.

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