Internal Flame of NewEarth Haven – Bali by Souvereign Freedom


Written by Souvereign Freedom, media member of the NewEarth Project

The NewEarth Haven – Bali as the flagship of the greater vision for NewEarth Community living has beyond its natural beauty and harmonic design so much more to offer the “New Earth orientated” “conscious” Community.

I want to share on what I feel to be one the most explicit articulations and manifestations of NewEarth Consciousness that so many feel an attraction to, share in the dreaming around or simply know this to be in alignment with their own natural desire for a “New Earth” metric where all humans live their highest creative expression and live their fearless pursuit of bliss through the elevation of art, beauty and consciousness.

“Akasha is an immaculate reflection of your own creative potential.”

Welcoming you to NewEarth Haven – Bali: an introspective sharing on manifested consciousness that you can feel.

The establishment of NewEarth Havens has marked the beginning of a blueprint being laid out that made a vision for “new earth consciousness” manifest and into places you can visit, places that are real.

Many people know or have heard of the first manifestation of the NewEarth Project, NewEarth Haven here in Bali. Beyond all the beautiful photos, stories and community events that people may have attended not many have had an opportunity to really feel into the field of conscious intend from which this iconic place of explicit beauty was brought into living form, what it’s multi dimensional purpose is, let alone comprehend what it took and takes to manifest into this “3D world” an experience-able living template for such “NewEarth Consciousness”.

“To me this Haven serves as a centre for inspiration, a place of both remembrance and invocation of our natural divinity, human sovereignty and creative potential.”

Unveiling the Internal Flame of NewEarth Haven – Bali

As with all manifestations of consciousness the flame at the heart of this place already existed as pure potentiality in the energetic field of creation. It called strongly on the willingness and endurance to truly deliver on the envisioned potential that was initially tapped into and unequivocally all the people who leaned into their own flame to support and create the physical manifestation of this project where naturally internally offered continual opportunities to overcome their own fear based programming in order to deliver on this original source code of NewEarth consciousness. Such is the syntropic nature of Life.

The manifested flame as the NewEarth Haven I share around here, however small, exists in every human heart, in every man woman and child walking this earth, it is part of our collective innate knowing or remembrance of a time and place where were all free, all connected and all Sovereign.

The NewEarth Haven – Bali simply is a beautiful manifestation of this Universal Flame of Humanity’s Sovereignty and when you know what to look for, or better put, feel for you can tune in with yourself and access this fierce field of pure love consciousness within.

In that, Akasha as the first manifestation of a much larger vision is an immaculate reflection of your own creative potential and we welcome you to partake in the ongoing expansion and celebration of its existence.

Know that when you contribute your energy, finance and investments to this NewEarth Haven that you are fueling the expansion of this Flame that continues to stand out as a beacon for a New Metric of human expression on this Earth.

For those attracted to involve yourself in this ongoing project may you make use of her function for your growth and may that lead you onward on your own return to reclaiming your self-Sovereign Freedom.

General inquiries can be send to: [email protected]

Investment inquiries can be send to: [email protected]

May fearlessness beget you!

Souvereign Freedom actively shares on the Syntropic Nature of Life and how to make use of the living functions Life continuously presents to each of us for our growth and the restoring of our own natural Self Souvereign navigation as the intrinsically free and fearless human beings that we are from within our biological, psychological, emotional and spiritual blueprint. Souvereigns’ sharings can be found on


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