Introducing a New and Improved New Earth Nation

Hello beautiful people!

The New Earth Project’s main website has been redesigned to make the information more accessible – you can also get a much clearer understanding of what we are all about and get to grips with our many projects and initiatives…and then get involved!  Go to to find out more.

The five other interactive portals are each designed to facilitate a core aspect of the grander vision.  Let’s introduce them one by one right now.


New Earth Nation Portal

This is a beta-test launch – so please explore, enjoy and feedback

The New Earth Nation’s Portal is an interactive platform which provides the foundation for the emergence of New Earth Nation – join NEN as a member nation and begin to participate in the only realistic alternative to legacy governments and governance structures.

New Earth Nation is NOT New Earth Project… New Earth Project is our organizational effort to support a planetary transformation. New Earth Nation is YOUR platform upon which people of the world can cooperate to co-create a new earth, absent any outside control (including ours).

New Earth Nation is the foundation for you to participate in manifesting everything else which the New Earth Project is espousing – it is the foundation for free & sovereign banking and exchange; it is the socio-political framework to support you and your groups expatriation from the old world, and much much more.

Please take the time to check out the site and join New Earth Nation.

New Earth Nation is founded via a treaty event which invites all men, women, community groups, indigenous tribes/nations, even nation-states, to embrace a new socio-political philosophy founded in recognition of the primacy of consciousness, the unity of all life and the individual’s undeniable sovereignty.

Before you can ratify the treaty as an individual, you will need to make a Declaration of Freedom – this join process is the rubicon we must cross if we are to realise a new earth, absent corporate/governmental oppression.

Please ratify the New Earth Treaty and join New Earth Nation – to join as an individual member, simply tick the box “I am an individual wishing to establish a non-territorial micro-nation” then follow the instructions.

Phase 2 of the Nation’s Portal will see a global e-governance platform allowing members to engage in collectively determining the direction of our New Earth Nation.


New Earth Community Portal

The New Earth Community Portal is a social networking platform like no other. Whilst it contains most of the same useful features you will be used to, it has also been designed specifically to support the emergence of community projects and initiatives – enabling you to connect with your friends without big brother’s prying eyes, get involved in community development projects or link to other community initiatives in your area, find the people and resources to ignite your own community projects, and much more…


If you would like to help build or join a community with like-minded men and women, search through the locations on the locations map or locations list and see which ones might be right for you. If you click on the community name or image, you can check out the communities profile, or alternatively click to ‘Help build this community’ and you will be linked to its corresponding community group where you will be connected with others who share your interest.

For those who have land resources and want to create their own community with others, contact [email protected] – we will help you to create a community profile on our locations map. A corresponding community group will be created so that you can begin to connect with others to help build your community.

The Portal also exists to serve existing community groups – if you are from (or connected with) an established community and would like to join the global New Earth Community, contact [email protected] – we will help you to create a community profile on our locations map. Your profile will allow you to advertise community events, opportunities and much more to the greater New Earth Community, and align the resources and expertise to take your noble works to even greater heights.

If you are you looking for local support with a community initiative, you can advertise your community initiative by creating a group. Attract resources, people and whatever else you may need to help make your initiative a success.

Or perhaps you are looking for community initiatives in your area to support of get involved with, check out the groups and see what projects and initiatives resonate with you – join the group and get involved.

We will be continuing to add features over coming weeks and months to help make manifesting your new community life as easy as possible:

  • Crowd funding support
  • Affiliate network linking to community projects
  • Sovereignty workshops
  • Design packages
  • Technological blueprints and tool-kits

And much more…

So please help us improve these plans by telling us what you would like to see – by sending your suggestions to [email protected]


New Earth Institute Portal

This is a beta-test launch – so please explore, enjoy and feedback

The New Earth Institute’s new site also launches today – take a look at to discover free e-learning opportunities or explore the latest and greatest research, tools and insights offered through the Institute’s various Faculties…

The e-learning portal brings together leading pioneers and institutions to share real knowledge, wisdom and information, absent the influence of controlled academia and media-manipulated disinformation which has hitherto polluted and defiled true learning and knowledge sharing in our age.

The site is very easy to navigate – with most information and resources being easily accessible from the home page.

There is a growing selection of free online courses which you can access here, and a plethora of information and learning resources available through the various academies.

Please also take the time to check out the various Faculties and their many initiatives…

As always we invite your feedback and support in helping to expand the Institute’s effectiveness as an ignition point for individual growth & self-realization.


New Earth Media Portal

You can now stay up to date with the New Earth Project’s many media initiatives and latest news at the new New Earth Media Portal – (the portal you’re on right now).


International Tribunal for Natural Justice

The International Tribunal for Natural Justice has been founded by Humanitad Foundation and the New Earth Trust as an independent judicial body purposed to realizing natural justice for natural people.

Whilst the ITNJ team includes many leading and well-respected judges, lawyers and investigators, if the ITNJ is to fulfill its greatest potential it requires the support of the people of the world.

The ITNJ is not another kangaroo court operated by disenfranchised or disenchanted people bearing grudges against ‘the system’. Rather, it is a world-class team made up of conscious lovers of pure-truth and natural justice, each committed to serving all people of the world. The ITNJ also invites your participation through its integrated e-governance platform – offering a forum where your voice, and the voices of others, can be heard on issues of international importance. Register here to participate in the e-governance platform.

Please visit the site and ratify the ITNJ Treaty – mandating the ITNJ ahead of its inaugural seating at Runnymead, marking the 800th anniversary of the signing of the Magna Carta, on June 15th 2015. This is where we draw the line in the sand – and begin to reclaim our world from all manner of fictions which have eroded our dignity, our natural born freedoms and our birthright.


A remarkable year awaits us all… with love,

The New Earth team


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