Jim Carrey Is Preparing For Role In New Movie Using Psychedelic Mushrooms & Spending Time In Nature


Written by Alanna Ketler

If you are a fan of the late, great Terrence McKenna, then you are going to really love this! (That is, if you don’t already know about it.) There have been rumours circulating for a while now about a potential independent film based on author Terence McKenna’s life, work, and psychedelic explorations being produced, and I am happy to say those rumours have been confirmed and production will begin soon. And guess who will play McKenna? None other than the amazingly talented Jim Carrey.

Given Jim’s somewhat recent awakening into the realm of consciousness, he seems like he will be the perfect choice to depict McKenna’s life on film. In the past, we have written about Jim and covered some of his insights and wisdom. You can check some of that out here.

For those of you who do not know, Terrence McKenna, often referred to as the grandfather of psychedelic exploration, is a prolific writer, lecturer, and ethnobotanist whose work includes such books as The Sacred Mushroom Seeker, The Archaic Revival, Food of the Gods, and one that shares the same title as the film, True Hallucinations. McKenna is well-known by many for his insightful work into the alternate realms of consciousness that are accessed via psychedelic substances including psilocybin, LSD, and ayahuasca.

While Jim has already been on this path of self-exploration and diving into conscious realms, his recent remarks, made as he prepares for this film, suggest an even bigger transformation:

The real message of psychedelics, I think, is to reclaim experience and to trust yourself. Your perceptions are primary. Your feelings are correct. Everything must constellate out and make sense and parse with what you know. If you don’t start from that assumption then you are off center to begin with. And the psychedelics will dissolve the cultural programming that has potentially made you a mark and restore your authenticity.

According to Educate Inspire Change, Terrence Mckenna’s True Hallucinations is “an experimental documentary about the chaos at La Chorrera, the imagination, time, the Logos, belief, hope, madness and doubt.”

The film was created by Peter Bergmann and expands on the ideas first presented in the film The Transcendental Object at the End of Time.

If you are curious to learn more about the work of Terrence McKenna, attached is the original documentary about him, True Hallucinations, which features much of Terrence’s wisdom, writings, and words, and will help you to get a better sense of what he was really all about, what he stood for, and his message to the world.


Much Love

Originally posted @ Collective Evolution

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  1. Steve 7 months ago

    You spelled Terence’s name wrong. I am a big fan of his work and I’m looking forward to the cultural impact this film will create!

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