Kaleidoscope TV: Doug Linman, PhD – Nanoscience Innovations


Get your organic popcorn ready for an in-depth conversation with Dr. Doug Linman, PhD, a solar energy science innovator and Co-inventor of Solar Liquid Power (SLP) at the vanguard of free energy.  This multi-faceted edition of Kaleidocope shines the light on Nanoscience with its astonishing ability to empower humanity through renewable energy and full-spectrum life support technology solutions. Your host, Dr. Nancy Ash, and Dr. Linman dive into rich dialogue on applications for SLP tested in space at the International Space Station and overall Nanoscience with nano-bot applications in cancer research.  Doug takes a pulse on global sustainability and our tipping point, while also sharing his poignant humanitarian pursuits, offering an inspiring message for conscious youth.  Learn about the golden NEST: New Earth’s Science & Technology discipline, which Doug leads as a distinguished fellow and senior science advisor for New Earth Institute (morphing into the New Earth University).  For more information about Dr. Linman watch his TEDx Talk on Nanoscience and visit the technology company, Molecular Quartermasters (MQ) that he co-founded to help change the world.   ~ InJoy the show!


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