Kaleidoscope TV: New Paradigm Pedagogy


This in-depth episode of Kaleidoscope TV illuminates the YES of new paradigm pedagogy or new education models, and the concept of freedom, “reinventing curricula.”

Colleagues and friends, the Professors Jack Two Hawks Stafford and Nancy Ash, dive into a frank discussion of transcending the old, broken educational system with visionary and practical solutions for new ways of being rooted in pure truth.  During this important program (filmed l!ve in 2016) they are not presenting new pedagogy as a “think-tank” – this is a path of the heart.  New educational modeling is more like an “action-tank.”  The methodology – and process – of WALKING the path is real, true learning.

The good news is: This is not a pipe-dream. Drs. Stafford and Ash are already at the vanguard of providing empowering education process models that bypass limiting, polluted academia for those wishing to pursue higher learning.  In this regard the NewEarth University [https://newearth.university/] (NEU)  has been aligned with a new-paradigm learning community, a former seminary and Dept. of Ed recognized online university: New Earth Theological University [http://www.netuniv.org/], formally known as, Metropolitan University.

This unique affiliation creates a powerful learning opportunity for NewEarthers with adjunct courses, including degree-granting programs at the graduate and postgrad levels; and a NEU certification program / undergraduate degree program commencing Fall of 2019.

Kaleidoscope guest, Dr. Jack Two Hawks Stafford is a longtime advocate of new and exciting pedagogy.  He shares that you must have a clear vision of your path, of where you are going… and that learning must be a cooperative experience.  Tune-in to be inspired; explore what accreditation means.. hear a few stories by Professor Nancy Ash and take heart that there ARE devoted advisors with ways to advance your education that truly empower YOU!

Our Mission at NewEarth University is to gather, embody, and share knowledge in service of human & planetary well-being and sovereign, creative self-expression.

Through heartfelt, conscious connection we encourage leading pioneers, movements, organizations, and educational institutions — aligned and dedicated to an open flow of ancient wisdom and breakthrough technologies — to nest and flourish within NEU’s evolving Schools and related Initiatives.
InJoy the show!


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