Kaleidoscope TV: NewEarth University Faculty – Part 1


Meet Dr. Nancy Ash, Thomas Joseph Brown and other NEU Faculty at the upcoming Ancient Futures New Earth Festival (Begins in under 12 hours! ~ livestream tickets available!)

Meet a few of our Wisdom Keepers, astonishing women and men on the faculty at the NewEarth University – Part 1

Tune-in for heart-centered, conscious conversation at Kaleidoscope TV with your Host, Dr. Nancy Ash, worldwide director of the NewEarth University (NEU) [https://newearth.university/].
Mission of The NewEarth University

To gather, embody, and share knowledge in service of human & planetary wellbeing and sovereign, creative self-expression.

First in a two-part series, this show offers kaleidoscopic symmetry: Three women and three men gathered to discuss new-paradigm learning and their alignment with various Schools of NEU. Faculty member, Dr. Nancy Ash is joined by Thomas Joseph Brown, Dr. Ann Ralles, Ryan Boyd, Andrea Lazenby and Lewis Montague, representing their associated School(s) and distinguished colleagues in Science & Design Innovation, Socio-Economics & Ecology, Consciousness & Spirituality, Health & Wellness, and School of The Living Arts.

First on tap meet Dr. Ann Ralles giving an overview of Agnihotra, the seminal practice enshrined in the Arks of Fire Initiative. A colorful powerpoint presentation from alternative science wizard, Thomas J Brown, delights the senses with a 360-View of the School of Science & Design Innovation. Ryan Boyd spearheads the NewEarth Youth Council while working with steadfast devotion in NEU’s School of Consciousness & Spirituality. Lewis Montague, a longtime friend to the NewEarth Project and a devout Health & Wellness advocate is focused in the arena of scientific research for natural treatments, blending his expertise in natural law to take down big pharma. Andrea Lazenby, a new faculty member, inspires with suggestions for expanding new vistas of consciousness. Finally your host, Dr Nancy Ash speaks of Learning & Education, a discipline of the Living Arts. Education, in its present form is broken, boring and way too expensive. Discover how Ash and her dozens of colleagues at NEU are actively implementing changes through the University’s unique platform. Recalibration is desperately needed in the sphere of learning, bridging old structures with whole-systems’ new pedagogy — new ways of being in a fresh model of “teach / learn – learn / teach.”

Our future of a new earth needs an interdependent evolution of consciousness flowing from the sovereign freedom of every student and their teachers and mentors. Discover more about the NewEarth University; visit our beautiful portal chock-full of complimentary resources from A … to Z [https://newearth.university/]  InJoy the program. (2017)


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