Kaleidoscope TV: NewEarth University Faculty – Part 2


Meet a few of our Wisdom Keepers, astonishing women and men on the faculty at the NewEarth University – Part 2

Tune-in for heart-centered, conscious conversation at Kaleidoscope TV with your Host, Dr. Nancy Ash, worldwide director of the NewEarth University (NEU). https://newearth.university/

Mission of The NewEarth University: To gather, embody, and share knowledge in service of human & planetary wellbeing and sovereign, creative self-expression.

Second in a two-part series, this show features some of NEU’s faculty members gathered from around the world to discuss new-paradigm learning, their projects and initiatives, and alignment with various Schools of the NE University. Faculty member, Nancy Ash, DD, PhD is joined by Greg Paul, Dr. Doug Linman, Dr. Ellen Conner, Linda Hamilton, and Bascha Meier, all working collaboratively through the cross-pollination of NEU’s disciplines of Sovereignty, Science & Technology, Sound and the Performing Arts, Conscious Birth & Dying, and Spirituality.

First on tap meet NewEarth Project co-founder in Ecuador, Greg Paul, launching The Sovereign’s Way Academy. Longtime NewEarther and NEU Fellow, Doug Linman, PhD speaks of all things science. NEU Research Coordinator, Ellen Conner, PhD gives an overview of the University’s digital Library, a rich repository of resources for you. Award-winning filmmaker Patty Greer shares her incredible experiences with crop circles. Linda Hamilton – in Costa Rica – is a devout Health & Wellness advocate, (presently the Coordinator for the H & W School) and focused in the arena of conscious conception and birth. Our newest faculty member, Bascha Meier joins from New Zealand with a message for expanding new vistas of consciousness.

Education in its present form is broken, boring, and way too expensive. Discover how Ash and her many colleagues at NEU are actively implementing changes through the University’s unique platform. Recalibration is desperately needed in the sphere of learning to bridge the old outmoded structures into whole-systems’ new pedagogy — new ways of being in a fresh model of “”teach / learn – learn / teach.”” We need an interdependent evolution of consciousness flowing from the sovereign freedom of every student and their teachers and mentors. Discover more about the NewEarth University; visit our beautiful portal chock-full of complimentary resources from A to Z at: https://newearth.university/

InJoy the program! (Recorded in 2017)


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