Kaleidoscope TV: Scientific Research for Natural Treatments – Lewis Montague / Wellness Sovereignty

(Note: Our entire channel was censored and de-platformed! We’ll be back; stay-tuned.)

Let’s face the pure-truth about debilitating diseases like cancer: Something must be done – and now. Honestly and sadly, who doesn’t know someone battling cancer? Too many people are dying unnecessarily… Dear viewer, THIS is the man you want at your side. THIS is the message that we all need to hear. A fierce champion for researching the best, most effective natural treatment protocols, (and natural justice for all) Lewis Montague is an accomplished researcher and spirited international lecturer on this seminal topic. He joins from the United Kingdom in this important edition of Kaleidoscope, in which the subject strikes a powerful chord with your host, Dr. Nancy Ash, who’s young mother wasted away from insidious cancer in a long and painful death.

A maverick in the true sense of the word, Lewis is at the vanguard of sovereign health, wellness, and natural law. Part of this work involves his key role on the faculty at New Earth University (formerly known as NE Institute). Within its flagship School of Health & Wellness, Lewis is Director of Scientific Research for Natural Treatments. Also a longtime student of natural law, he’s an advocate for all as a founding trustee of the unprecedented International Tribunal for Natural Justice (ITNJ) seeking to shed light on major corruption in the medical and big pharma industries that are suppressing our precious rights.

Lewis Montague’s ambition is to finally break down the ridiculous and dangerous barriers of these conglomerates that are blocking the sensible use of natural treatments to save lives. Join with Lewis and Nancy in this clarion call for wellness sovereignty and together let us – once and for all – end the madness of devastating disease. Please share widely with your beloved family and friends to get this message out – thank you in grace.



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