Kaleidoscope TV: Sustainable World with Vinit Allen


Meet Dr. Nancy Ash at the upcoming Ancient Futures New Earth Festival

Tune-in to NewEarth University’s multi-faceted talk-show, Kaleidoscope, hosted by Dr. Nancy Ash. This conscious conversation organically explores full-spectrum sustainability with Vinit Allen, founding executive director of Sustainable World Coalition, swcoalition.org. He’s an esteemed fellow of the NewEarth University (formally NewEarth Institute) wearing many hats in life as an event producer and co-founder of Planet Earth Arts, which is giving traction to the educational side of sustainability with its message: The power of the arts to transform the world. Join this thoughtful program as they discuss the world’s pulse – creative innovations and green solutions for a new paradigm of human civilization.

The Arts need to be elevated from being simply a garnish at big conferences and programs .. to a media-rich learning format to showcase Education in the Arts, which will engage our youth. Learn how Vinit is at the vanguard of this work helping to lubricate all moving parts with a universal language of transformation through environmental theatre… and more. It’s 11:59 … the world is threatened, it’s a mess and accordingly this program addresses serious global issues from A to Z for manifesting a real shift into planetary Oneness. Visit NewEarth University: https://www.newearth.university ~ Thank you for watching…. enjoy the show.


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