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Most people in the awakened community are familiar with Kauilapele’s Blog.  I’ve been reading Kauilapele’s (KP) Blog for years now and he has been an inspiration to say the least.  KP set the standard with his hard work and dedication, and his service to humanity.  He is now back in Hawaii after completing his long journey and “mission” and opening “portals” throughout mainland USA.

Yesterday I wrote an article called “Be Prepared! Somethings Coming” which was a breif writing on many articles I’ve been reading and which spoke specifically about the “Event” that appears to be imminent followed by links and short quotes from each article.

Today I went to KP’s blog and found the following article posted… “I “Sense” that We are Close….” http://kauilapele.wordpress.com/2014/02/24/kp-message-2-24-14-i-sense-that-we-are-close/.  This synchronicity with my article was absolutely amazing and very similar which just goes to show how the “awakened” mind is of “One Mind” and how our thoughts are drawn to the same energies.

I sent a message about the similarities to KP who agreed and posted this to his blog…


We are all truly ONE. If you have not read KP’s blog I strongly recommend it.  He is one of the pioneers in the awakened community.







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