Learning: A Conscious Journey of Limitless Possibilities

In thriving cultures around the globe, there is agreement that every child deserves the ‘best’ education possible. However, exactly what the “best” education is, has as many depictions and interpretations as there are cultures, perspectives and intent.

Education is a journey, or quest for knowledge, and every quest begins with wonder, to spark the navigational tool of the mind that is fueled by imagination.


Precisely, what is education? The word ‘education’ comes from the Latin root educere [out + to lead], meaning – “the learning process” or “an enlightening experience.” To lead out indicates that something comes from within, and to enlighten comes from the Archaic “to light up.” So one must consider the possibility that education, or the learning process is the act of leading out the “Light” that comes from within.

MRI_scan_human_headStudies of the brain through an MRI machine have shown that while one is engaged in ‘left’ brain tasks, such as accounting, an occasional dull flicker of light sporadically appears within the left hemisphere of the brain. Yet, when one is engaged in a creative act, particularly music, the entire brain lights up in a rainbow of colours, like a Christmas tree. This leads one to understand that the act of learning is best served when some form of creative act is involved.

The word ‘learn’ comes from the Old English root lore – [to become aware] meaning “the act of acquiring knowledge” and ‘knowledge’ comes from root ‘knowlegen’ – [to recognize], or re-cognize, meaning “to perceive or become aware of.” The root of aware is from the Old English root gewaer – [watchful] meaning to be conscious or cognizant.

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