Listen To Your Child


Written by Linda Hamilton – Director of NewEarth Institute’s Birth & Dying Faculty

So for a while, Zara has been telling me that the only reason she came to this life was to “see what it was like”. I thought that was a great reason, and have given a lot of thought to it. Maybe that’s all we’re ALL here for…I’ve thought.

So today she expounded on it, telling me that in addition to just coming to see what this was all about here on planet earth – that she also came to learn how to make chocolate. When she told me that, my eyes got wide…”no way!” I told her. She nodded with authority – “that’s also why I wanted you to be my mom” … “because I knew you would understand it”. She is 6. She is absolutely correct. I totally understand.

I’ve loved her stories ever since she could talk. Incredible stories of amazing adventures and stories of what seems to be past lives, or about people that she has known before that she recognizes now and wants to connect with…it’s quite astounding, the things she has told me over the years. Priceless. Incredible gifts.

As difficult as it seems sometimes (believe me, I KNOW!) – I would like to say how important it is to make a priority to STOP and just SIT with your child and talk to them. Not really for them even (although it’s probably one of the best things you could do for them – is to listen) – but more for YOU.

As small as they may be. When they are able to talk, give them the space to do it – with an open mind and an open heart – it is simply amazing what they come up with! And when they do, video record it, write it down – do whatever you can to remember these precious moments.

If I had the chance for a mothering “do-over” (with 3 adult children and 3 in their teens) – this is definitely one thing I would incorporate more. Just sitting with my child on my lap, with nothing else to do but to be with them and to listen to them –  opening the space for pure beauty and magic.

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