Major Breakthrough in Free Energy: Overunity Demonstrated in the QEG

This article simply speaks for itself.  Just astonishing work by Hope, James and the rest of the FTW crew. – JD

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Before we begin this ground-breaking post, we would like to share this important update that covers the events the FTW QEG team has experienced in the last two months of hands-on project work and traveling.

QEG Update – Taiwan, Morocco, Overunity and Next Steps

March 25th – April 14th

  • Opensourced QEG documents
  • Trained Taiwan team to reach resonance (go here for complete blog post)
  • Taiwan core shorted, was rewound
  • Due to delays in rewinding, overunity was not achieved before our trip ended (we changed our plans and plane tickets, prolonging our departure 5 days)
  • Made a wonderful discovery about the power in a QEG
  • Flew straight to Morocco instead of going home for a few days

April 15th – May 26th

  • Arrived in Morocco and couldn’t get the processed core out of customs for 2 weeks
  • Had parts shipped from US that had been difficult for the Morocco QEG team to get prior to our arrival
  • Reached resonance
  • Reached initial overunity and 2nd overunity video
  • Out of time and money (see article here about building a QEG in an underdeveloped country)
  • Please see here for a complete expenditures report

May 27th – June 30th

The QEG has been crowdfunded and supported by The People of planet Earth. The QEG HAS NOT BEEN MADE POSSIBLE by any government, corporation, or single major funder. The technology has been opensourced by the Fix the World Organization as a gift to humanity in order to allow others to freely co-develop and improve on its design.  The QEG project has been running strong for 8 months. During this time, 3 milestones of free energy development have been identified with the QEG:

1) Resonance
2) Over Unity
3) Self Looping/RMS power output

The purpose of this article, the accompanying “QEG Morocco showing Overunity in VARs” video, and the accompanying updated Test and Measurement report is to explain the paradigm changing significance of what is being viewed in a way that both engineers and an average person can understand.


Almost everything we use requires a form of industrialized energy. We need it to grow food, transport goods, create materials, and communicate. The cost of producing this energy is factored in to the price of everything we purchase. 80-90% of ALL our income is spent on producing energy.

To produce this energy we rape the earth by  blowing things up, burning excessive amounts of limited resources, and creating massive waste and pollution.  We do this because we only use one form of energy producing system: a closed system.  These systems were created by design to require an excessive amount of expensive and wasteful fossil fuels in order to produce energy.

There is another type of system called an open system. Many have never heard of open systems, and this too is by design. Information about open systems, the laws of nature and “free energy” was purposefully removed from our educational system over 100 years ago. This removal was perpetrated by JP Morgan, Thomas Edison, and others in order to ensure we would continue to pay for the fossil fuels required by the closed systems that we use in every energy producing system we have today.


In the QEG, resonance is created by modulating the inductance in the core’s primary (or secondary) windings with the spinning rotor. This induces a voltage in the coils which then starts a massive electromechanical resonance, which then builds up even more high voltage through the piezoelectric effect of the mechanical resonance (vibration). This voltage can be as high as 25,000 volts (25kV), with the frequency determined by the tank capacitor value. The generator performance is then optimized to a first tuning level, where the basic power output is maximized. This is the raw power available, and we have seen as much as 20,000 VARs. This is known as Volt-Amperes Reactive, analogous to Watts but used when rating reactive AC power. The raw, reactive power must now be converted to RMS power, at 50 or 60 Hz, for the generator to run itself (self-looping) and provide power in the form useable to power your home. There is also a second level of tuning using the exciter coil, grounds, and antenna. For this step, the exciter coil is tuned to 1.3MHz, and used as a form of receiver, to bring additional energy into the QEG core from the energy that is freely available in earth’s atmosphere. Tesla would prefer to call this an accumulation of power rather than a generation of power, as the machine is accumulating energy that is already in the air around us.

The victory of resonance has already been achieved in several QEG’s around the world in the last two months since opensourcing the technology. This is demonstrated in the links below.

Resonance in Pennsylvania
Resonance in Taiwan
Resonance in Morocco
Resonance in Germany
Resonance in Orlando (video coming soon!)

To further explain what it is that you are seeing in these videos, there is a 1.5 horsepower motor that is plugged into the wall. The only purpose of this motor is to spin the rotor inside of the generator. The motor does not provide enough power or proper function to light up the light bulbs. Once the generator hits resonance (you can hear the distinctive sound) the generator is then providing electrical power which is demonstrated by lighting up the light bulbs. Don’t let its size fool you! The resonance in the generator core accumulates a tremendous amount of power as demonstrated in the QEG overunity video below. It’s enough to power your entire home.


Resonance is a way to generate or accumulate raw power that is abundant and limitless, safe, non-polluting, and does not require the control or financial enslavement of the energy industry.

Electromechanical resonance is not new. It was discovered 130 years ago by Nikola Tesla and was subsequently locked down to ensure profitability for the electric ‘utility’ companies. Although most of Tesla’s patents have since resurfaced, resonance is not utilized in any of our energy systems today and most people are not even aware of this raw power providing phenomenon….UNTIL NOW.

Thanks to the opensourcing of the QEG technology provided by FTW, and the brave souls who have embarked on this journey of re-creating and demonstrating Tesla’s concept to the public, the information is finally out and shows that we can create raw power without the control of the energy industry.  Even now history is repeating itself and many are attempting to suppress Tesla’s technology by discrediting the QEG. (more to come on this in a follow up blogpost)

To clarify this breakthrough even further, below is a comparison of what it takes to generate raw power in the QEG vs. our current systems:

In the QEG you need less than 1 KW of power to run the motor that spins the rotor in the generator which then produces over 10KW of power that you could use to power your entire home. The QEG is still in co-development, but after the 3rd phase of development (now in progress!) the QEG will be able to re-route some of its output power to run the motor and therefore run itself, while providing enough additional power to run your home.

A “conventional” generator needs   15KW to produce 10KW of power. To produce these 15KW of power we rely on gas, diesel, propane, coal or other products that can be metered creating profits for the energy industry. These closed systems rape the earth and  are designed to purposefully cancel out the energy flow with each spin in a motor which creates an excessive amount of wasted energy. This is why all motors run hot and you need a fan to keep them from overheating. The QEG does not do this, but rather keeps the energy flow intact and runs cool, which is radically unique in the engineering world. The poor designs of all closed systems we use today require that we excessively consume fossil fuels to generate the raw power we need for our everyday lives.

In this “Morocco has Resonance” video, you can hear the cheering voices of the people who have a deep understanding that what they are witnessing is the ability to create their own raw power without the energy industry. It is a joyful cry of freedom. Almost 80 people from 24 countries attended the Morocco QEG build that was donated and opened to the public by FTW.

It is imperative to mention that the people who showed up at the public QEG build where of the highest professional caliber: physicists, and electical engineers from several of the top leading industries. All were there to volunteer their time and talent to the mission of the project of bringing this free energy to the world.


Overunity simply means to produce more energy (energy out) than it takes to make the energy (energy in). Every energy device we use today is running at extreme under-unity as exemplified by the conventional generator that requires 15KW of energy in to produce 10KW of energy out. With this being the case, a device that runs AT unity (energy out is equal to energy in) would be an accomplishment in itself, and even achieving slight over unity would be a breakthrough. In the case of the QEG, the numbers are quite impressive.

Our goal for QEG power out was 10,000 Watts. The tests show that the potential power out far exceeds this goal! The QEG in Morocco as shown in this video has been tested to produce almost 20,000 VARs energy out with 600 Watts energy in. After the output VARs are converted to Watts in the QEG 3rd phase of development, (which is a relatively simple phase) this will be equivalent to over 33 times overunity. This is a conservative rating as the input can be varied to 1,000 Watts energy in to produce 30,000 VARs energy out.  There is A LOT of power in the QEG core!

FTW has freely created this video with the QEG engineering artist James Robitaille exemplifying how overunity is measured in the QEG. The cost of the equipment needed to test the power in the QEG core and provide these measurements and the accompanying report would be nearly $75,000, and was lovingly lent to the project so that we could show these measurements freely to the people. We would like to thank our anonymous equipment donors, without whom the development and presentation of these measurements would not be possible. We would also ask that all of those in the free energy movement that place demands of proof and measurements on a volunteer humanitarian project please consider and help supply the cost associated with meeting these demands.


The following updated Morocco Test and Measurement Report shows the updated Over Unity power figures. (We had released a template report for QEG groups to use that had earlier figures before over unity was achieved, we apologize if this may have caused confusion. The new report is clearly marked “Version 2”. Once phase three is complete we will have a third updated version.)



Even at this incomplete stage of development (with resonance and over-unity achieved), the QEG is a breakthrough in free energy technology because the raw power that the generator is producing has the potential to lower your electric bills by 90%. When FTW opensourced this technology and allowed for global co-development, this was a paradigm changing move that to the best of our knowledge, has never been done before. This has sped up the development process considerably (it’s only been 2 months!) and allowed a technology that has been buried for 130 years to finally get into the hands of the people.

The reaction to this has been powerful in both positive and negative ways. Engineers across the world are building QEG’s and joining the effort to co-develop and bring this project through to completion which would signal the end of our dependence on the energy industry once and for all. The forces that control the energy companies (and therefore control the planet) have been panicking. Perhaps they never suspected a single act of kindness like opensourcing and the loving support of crowdfunding to occur. The QEG has gone viral on the internet and every negative troll (manipulated by the entities that control them) has done their best to stop it.

The magnitude of what is occuring here is unprecedented.  This is about communities supplying communities with energy and the decentralization of corporate power.  What has been done is unstoppable. It is opensourced, it is viral on the internet and people everywhere are watching the development. This means no one can control it, or claim ownership of it, or suppress it. We have passed a point of no return where you cannot undo what has been done. Finally it is the people’s time to take back their power.


Overunity shows that we now have up to 20,000 VARs available in the core (or more!). The next step is building and testing the ‘Transverter’ electronics that will convert the existing power to the form needed to run the motor and provide up to 10kW (conservatively) of output power. It should be noted that this has already been accomplished by WITTS in this video here:

However WITTS has not opensourced the knowledge on how to do this. James Robitaille and several  engineers of the QEG America’s team are currently developing the necessary electronics.

The goal is to complete the design of the transverter electronics, utilize it to display self looping and kilowatt output, then in previous FTW fashion, opensource this addition to the world in an updated document.

There are now QEG groups in approximately 40 countries. Teams of engineers are working day and night to co-develop the QEG and bring it to the people in their communities. The result of the completed third phase development will spread very quickly to all of those who are ready to take the QEG to the next level.

The QEG may be the only free energy device that has been opensourced and made so publicly available for all to co-develop. This pioneering event is our chance to get free energy directly to the people, indeed it may be the only way to make this possible.

This last stage of co-development is simple in comparison to what we have already accomplished in such a short time.  From the beginning, our #1 priority remains: To get free energy directly into the hands of the people.  FTW and all the hundreds involved in co-development are confident that we can see this through to its glorious completion. We have already achieved amazing breakthroughs in free energy and provided full transparency of QEG finances. When the corporations and major funders said no, it was THE PEOPLE who said yes and crowdfunded all of this to make it possible.  Please consider making a contribution to our campaign which can be found here with a full description of our plans for 3rd phase development.


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